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Book Recommendations: Fantasy / Paranormal Genre

(part 1)

There are few books/ series that I absolutely adore. Whether it’s because of the world building or the plot or awesome characters, I could read these books again and again (and let’s be real, I already have.) Like I said, I have a few faves so I already know this is going to me a multiple part blog series.

I did a previous post on my favorite authors. Though many of these books I will talk about through my “Book Recommendations” series are by them, you will see some new names as well. I will also try to group my books so similar genres/ styles of books are within the same post. Without further ado, let’s get started.

If you are into the fantasy, paranormal genre, these next books are for you:

  • The Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and James Washington
  • The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • The Coven: Elemental Magic series by Chandelle LaVaun

First, lets start with the Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. There are 5 books, plus a bonus novella style book told from another characters perspective. You guys, I have never laughed so hard while reading a book in my entire life. I literally couldn’t read this series in public because I would bust out laughing like a crazy person. The main character, Willa Knight is just relatable and clumsy and humorous and exasperating and just a good time. Despite this book using lots of humor, it doesn’t take away from the plot or the development of the characters. I could have done with less sex scenes, but even those were humorous most of the time. This series is available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re looking for some light-hearted fun, while still having a good story tine, this is the series for you.

I am sure you are not surprised that a series by Jennifer L. Armentrout is on my list since she is included in my favorite authors and my first book review was a book by her. The Lux series, consisting of 9 books that include 5 sequential books, a prequel, and 3 books from the other main characters perspective, as well as numerous novellas and bonus scenes. Armentrout has also written other spinoff books in this world featuring characters from the Lux series, so there is lots of reading material. The story follows Katy, a regular 17 year old girl who accidentally stumbles into the world of Luxen (aliens) and gets involved in dangerous situations in their fight for survival and freedom. Katy is strong, witty, caring, and relatable. I read this series in high school, so it is geared to the young adult genre, but I was actually turned onto these books from a friends mom, so she obviously read them when she was older and still enjoyed them. These books are available in Kindle and print format.

The Coven: Elemental Magic series by Chandelle LaVaun is a great read in the young adult genre. The characters follow along the tarot card deck and the missions and conflicts they are involved in surround the arcana, which I think is a really cool, unique concept. Much like the Lux series, there are also numerous spin off series and novellas surrounding this world and featuring the same characters. The books are interesting and fast paced and the characters are selfless and strong. The only complaint that I have is that I wish the characters were a little bit older, college age over high school. The situations they are involved in and the concept of soul mates, which is present throughout the whole series, I just think would be better suited for an older age group. That being said, the characters don’t act like the typical 16 year olds in young adult books so I still enjoy the books and eagerly look forward to the next books being released. These books are available on Kindle Unlimited

Stay tuned for my next “Book Recommendations” blog. It is going to cover a wide range of genres, topics, and time periods, but the common factor is books that get you thinking. Thanks for reading and if you have any recommendations for me, send them my way!

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