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Book Recommendations: Romance

(part 3)

While fantasy and science fiction tend to make up a majority of the books I read, I am a sucker for a good romance book. I feel like I am all over the board when it comes to types of romance books; it can’t be Hallmark Movie Channel esque, but I don’t mind a bit cheese factor. I love a good romcom that can have me laughing out loud at some of it’s absurdity, but also like when it falls into the contemporary sub-genre and is more realistic. I think romance book make up the majority of my DNF books because I have this weird contrasting like for different romance styles, but oh well, it keeps me entertained.

Some of my favorite romance books are…

  • Wait For it by Mariana Zapata
  • Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

Mariana Zapata is my all time favorite romance author. Honestly, everything she writes is gold and so well thought out. Wait For It follows Diana Casillas, who is suddenly the guardian for her two nephews after a tragic accident. She is funny and real and a tremendous single parent and you can’t help but admire her. This is the epitome of slow burn, friends to lovers romance. I love how Diana really stands up for herself and her family and doesn’t take anyone’s shit. We get to see some characters from Zapata’s other books (which I also recommend you read) and that is a great tie in connecting all the stories. I feel like I can sing Zapata’s praises all day, so I am just going to leave it here and tell you to read her books. They are available on Kindle Unlimited and in print.

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec is absolutely hilarious. I think this was one of the first romance books I ever read, and it made me want to read more. The story line is hilarious and the situations the characters get involved in make you cringe and laugh at the same time. This book is actually a part of a series, however I think this is the best one and it can be read as a standalone, so I recommend stopping here. Claire, the main character, is sarcastic and brash, but it all adds to her ambiance and her interesting life as a single mom who owns a sex store/ candy shop with her friend (Yes, you read that correctly.) If you want a good, laugh out loud read, then I definitely recommend this book. It is available in kindle and print form.

Hopefully, I gave you guys some new reads to look into. I mentioned I really struggle to get into some of the romance books so let me know your favorite and I can add them to my want to read list. Stay tuned for part 4 where I am going to talk about my favorite classics. Yes, you may have had to read them in high school, but trust me, they are much better when you aren’t forced to read them. Bye for now!

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2 thoughts on “Book Recommendations: Romance

  1. I love slow-burn books! I recommend My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares. It is literally a slow-burn that transcends time. Although my critique of that book, as well as literally all of the other reviews I have read about it is the ending. Almost all of the reviewers enjoyed the book up until the end and I have to agree. For some people the end ruined the entire book, but for others they enjoyed the book overall, but just hated the ending. If you can read a book knowing that you will not like the ending then give this a read lol.


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