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June Wrap Up

Hello, I am going to try to do a wrap up at the end of each month. While I do post regularly, both book reviews and other blog posts, I am not posting each and every book I have read because I would be writing book reviews forever. If you do want to see everything, follow my Goodreads account, where I do update it fairly regularly. That being said, I am going to give a quick list of the books I have read this month

  • Ash (Hive Trilogy 1) by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve
  • Anarchy (Hive Trilogy 2) by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve
  • Annihilate (Hive Trilogy 3) by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve
  • The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker
  • Of Sea and Stone (Secrets of Itlantis 1) by Kate Avery Ellison
  • Cherish Her by Andrea Johnston
  • The New Normal by Tracy Brogan
  • Wrecking Ball by P. Dangelico
  • Sledge Hammer by P. Dangelico
  • The Reclamation (Shadow Wings 3) by Ivy Asher
  • The Bombshell Effect (Washington Wolves 1) by Karla Sorensen
  • A Better Place by Jennifer Van Wyk
  • Work in Progress (Lipstick Coalition 1) by Staci Hart
  • Well Suited (Lipstick Coalition 4) by Staci Hart
  • Grave Mistakes (Hellgate Guardians 1) by Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy
  • Grave Consequences (Hellgate Guardians 2) by Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy
  • Feels Like Home by Jennifer Van Wyk
  • Addie (Pack of Misfits 1) by Raven Kennedy
  • Reece (Pack of Misfits 2) by Raven Kennedy
  • Greedy (the Damning 1) by Katie May
  • Envy (the Damning 2) by Katie May
  • Gluttony (the Damning 3) by Katie May
  • Messy Perfect Love by Claire Kingsley
  • Dirty Eden by J.A. Redmersky

I am currently reading The Cursed Witch by Chandelle LaVaun, which I was very impatiently waiting for and finally came out yesterday! Let me know what you are reading or have read this month.

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Book and Travel blog. I am an avid reader who enjoys many different genres including fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, science fiction, nonfiction, and more. I have spent the past few years living and travelling around the world and I want to share my experience with you! This blog combines the best of both worlds.

One thought on “June Wrap Up

  1. I am a slow reader but trying to do more of it. My list is not as impressive as yours lol, but I am reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma this month. I am not done yet though lol!

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