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The Cursed Witch (Fae Magic #1) by Chandelle LaVaun

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Cursed Witch (Fae Magic 1) by Chandelle LaVaun

What is magic? My name is Saraphina Proctor…and that’s the only thing I can remember. I woke up alone, surrounded by darkness with no memory. No one here knows who I am, I don’t fit any of the missing persons reports, and the doctors can’t find a single thing wrong with me…my memory…my life…they’re just…gone.

But something lurks in the shadows in Salem, watching me…waiting. I feel its eyes on my back and my name whispered in the wind. Even in the light of day the friendly smiles around town put me on edge.Someone isn’t telling me the truth but I will find out what happened to me…and I think Riah knows more than his pretty mouth is telling me. There’s a story in those golden eyes of his, now I just need to get close enough to him to find out.

The Coven Series

I have been highly anticipating this book. I mentioned in my Book Recommendations: Fantasy post that this series is one of my favorites. I recommend starting with season 1 and reading all the way through in order, that way you are introduced to all the characters thoroughly, however, each season does run on it’s own plot.

This book was great, except it was a little long. Saffie no longer has her memories and she is having trouble coping with all the crazy things she is experiencing. The reader is definitely more aware of the world and what is happening to Saffie, especially if you have read the other series’ previously, but even then, I was still wondering the whys and reasonings for everything so the book has an air of mystery to it.

I do enjoy Chandelle’s writing a lot, though the romance in all of her stories tends to be a bit angsty and usually forbidden in some way. However, I don’t mind it so much because there is usually so much action going on. This book did not have as much action as the previous ones, but I think it did a great job setting up for rest of the series. Especially the last 100 pages or so, I can’t wait to read the next book, which is scheduled to come out in December.

In my opinion, jury is still out on Riah, but that is because we do not know why he is working against the Coven and what the _____ (pretend I inserted a group of people here, I just don’t want to give away any spoilers lol) want with Saffie. I am definitely bummed that we didn’t see a lot of characters from the previous books in this one, but I can tell they will play a larger role in the future.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and I am obviously going to be first in line to read book 2. I recommend everyone start this series. It is a great paranormal fantasy series that won’t disappoint. The books are available on kindle unlimited and in print.

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