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Book Recommendations: Mystery

(part 6)

Alright, this is my final post in my Book Recommendation Series, and it’s all about the mystery books! I love a good mystery, the thrill, the suspense, the curiosity, just take me along for the ride! I fancy myself a detective sometimes, so I love when I can figure out who the ‘bad guy’ is before it is revealed to the readers. I am not a massive fan of gore or anything too triggering, but I enjoy the suspense buildup a good mystery can provoke in the readers.

Some of my favorite mystery books are…

  • I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
  • Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth

I Hunt Killers follows the story of Jazz, whose dad was a notorious serial killer. Not only was Jazz aware of this, he was often take on his fathers kills from a young age. Bodies are popping up all over Jazz’s town and he is the number one suspect. He needs to use everything he learned from his father to catch the bad guy now. Are you intrigued? It’s a great book. Definitely falls into the young adult category, but I think it is interesting enough and well written to be enjoyable by a much older audience. This book is actually part of a series, and while I did read all of them and they were interesting, I definitely think the first book is the best as the later ones get a bit far fetched. If you like a good mystery and a unique story line, this is for you! This book is available for purchase in kindle and print form.

Through Violet Eyes falls into the mystery and paranormal genre. There are a few people born that have violet eyes and they have the ability to channel the dead through their bodies. Makes getting away with murder a bit more difficult right? Now, the violets are being targeted themselves by a serial killer, and worse yet, the killer is able to keep his/her identity a secret. How will they catch this killer? Read and you can find out. Again, this book is part of a series, and while I have only read the first and second one, I really enjoyed both. It is a very unique story line and can be a bit graphic a times, so you’ve been warned. This book is available for purchase.

Thank you for reading and following along with my Book Recommendations series! I do believe this is my final post for them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if later down the line I decide to add another. Let me know your favorite mystery thriller books! I am starting a new multiple series post about book tropes so stay tuned and I will obviously continue to post my book reviews. July is a busy month for me for books, lots of my favorite authors releasing new ones so I have been somewhat of a reading fiend haha. Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “Book Recommendations: Mystery

  1. I have read both these books! They are good reads. I haven’t read the entire series of the I Hunt Killer books, but should. I think that at the time the first one came out, the others were not. I always forget to go back to a book series if the sequel is not out. How do you remember the dates of so many books coming out that you want to read? I think there are 4 Violet Eyes books. I have read the first 3.


    1. A few ways. First I add them on my TBR list on Goodreads so often Goodreads sends you an email when a book on your list comes out. I also am on many of the authors I read a lot email lists, so they also sent out an email when a new book is released.


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