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Ghost’s Whisper (Legion of Angels #9) by Ella Summers

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ghost’s Whisper (Legion of Angels 9) by Ella Summers

Life has never been better for Leda Pandora, the Angel of Chaos. She is married to the archangel Nero Windstriker, the love of her life. And she commands a vast territory, surrounded by her closest friends and family.

Everything is perfect—until the Earth’s magic goes haywire. Now blood has become poison to vampires, witches are being killed by their own potions, and beasts can pass right through the magic barrier that separates civilization from the plains of monsters. And with each new incident, uncertainty and fear are growing stronger in both humans and supernaturals, driving them to violence.

If Leda can’t find a way to stop these phenomena, it won’t just be the end of all magic on Earth. It will be the end of humanity itself.

Prequels: Immortal Legacy Series

Legion of Angels

I have been waiting for this book for awhile. The author, Summers, wrote 1-8 of the Legion of Angels series, then went back and wrote the prequel novels to explain some things happening in the story. Yes, I understand the need for it because you sort of just took information with a grain of salt rather than actually understanding the ‘why,’ but damn, it doesn’t make waiting for it any easier haha.

Okay, now that I explained my angst to read this book, let’s talk about the story. As always, there is a catastrophe on earth and it is up to Leda Pandora to save the day with her unique unicorn self. Not only is Leda facing external threats as she tries to solve the mystery, but personal strife as well. I did not like the personal problem story line at all. Once, you get to the end, you understand why it had to happen, but when I was reading it, I was like ugh, they are being stubborn and annoying and I found myself doing a little bit of skimming in those parts.

I like the action usually, though it is much of the same- Leda comes up with a crazy plan to save the day. The books are meant for the young adult genre, so I would like more complexity sometimes, but obviously that is not the target audience, so who am I to complain about that?

There’s quite a shocker revealed at the end, which, I am proud to say I guessed it like 1/3 of the way into the book, but I don’t think it was totally obvious so some will be surprised. I love Leda, but Nero is my favorite character, so I wish we got to see more of him.

I am excited for #10 to be released, though I am curious about how many books this series is suppose to be? 10 books and 3 prequels is quite a lot, but all the books have been pretty entertaining so who knows. Let me know if you guys have read the series! The book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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