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Book Tropes I Love

Hello, I did a previous post about Book Tropes I Loathe, and honestly, you could probably feel my disdain through your computer, so I apologize, I am not a total negative Nelly, I swear. I know all readers have their own opinions, and what I love could be a deal breaker for you, so I am going to share some of my favorite go to book tropes I love.

My guilty pleasure book tropes are…

  1. The Chosen One. Yeah, yeah, I understand some of you are sick of it. Harry Potter did it best and no one can ever compare, but honestly, would the book be as popular as it was if it was written from Neville’s perspective? (Don’t hate on me, I love me some Longbottom, just making a point.) I love the action and adventure that usually comes along with a ‘chosen one’ story line. Yes, it is usually fairly obvious who the chosen one is, even if the actual chosen one is caught of guard by the revelation, but I won’t complain about it.

2. Villain redemption. Yes, I love a good redemption story. It shows tremendous character growth and development, and usually has a large impact on the story. However, I can be very picky about this. The author needs to do it really well, and the villain needs to actually do something of substantial value to earn the redemption. Not the circumstantial crap where the protagonist is very forgiving even if it is not earned. I love when a villain is written so well you love their character, despite being the antagonist, and bonus, if they have a redemption arc.

3. Starting a rebellion / overthrowing a corrupt regime/ government. Yes, bring on the revolution! Even in our own constitution, it says if the government is no longer fulfilling it’s social contract, it is our duty to overthrow them. I am a big activist for equality and rights, so when they are fighting for that in books, you have a loyal reader out of me. Bring on the three finger salute and the secret tattoos, let’s make a change!

4. A bad-ass heroine. I love when the heroine is a mean, fighting machine. Whether they have trained for a long time for their skills or are a naturally talented novice, or just always stand up for themselves/ others, I love a good, bad-ass female lead. Who needs a man to come in and rescue a damsel, not these heroines who can hold their own.

5. Slow burn / Friends to lovers romance. This is my favorite type of romance a book can have. It usually comes off super natural and you can actually see the care and mutual respect for the other character grow. I HATE love at first sight or when they characters are falling in love with someone after 3 days, that’s just a big nope for me. If you want some good slow burn romance, Mariana Zapata is literally a queen at this.

6. Strong, stable family involvement and support (Especially when they are a single parent). I mention in book tropes I loathe that parents who leave kids to fend for themselves or not involved are one of my biggest pet peeves, like ugh. I love when you see supportive and selfless family, whether it’s parents, siblings, or even close friends. Let’s move past protagonists having to have tragic backstories and distant family to make a difference. I especially love when it is a single parent trope, not because I would ever want someone to not have both parents involved in their life, but it is a reality for many of us and I love to see the inner strength the parent usually displays.

Okay, that is all for my Book Tropes I Love post. Just because I love these story lines, doesn’t mean they always work, but honestly, we all have our vices and these are mine. Let me know your favorite tropes to hate and love!

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2 thoughts on “Book Tropes I Love

  1. One unpopular trope I love (that is often in movies) is the romance plot where they pretend they are dating for an extended period of time, but it is still a slow burn.


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