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Radiant Fierce (Bright Wicked #2) by Everly Frost

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Radiant Fierce (Bright Wicked #2) by Everly Frost

One lie.
Two traitors.
Three chances to survive.

When Aura Lucidia unwittingly invoked the Law of Champions, she bound herself to the fate of her fiercest enemy—the human warrior, Nathaniel Shield. Now she will be forced to fight him to the death at the end of the third day.

Aura becomes a traitor to her people when she chooses to save Nathaniel’s life in a battle that reveals her real enemies and the truth about her past.

With the foundations of her life destroyed, she has no choice but to escape with Nathaniel into the heart of Fell, a land of dark creatures and savage laws ruled by a cruel King.

But with every step they take, Nathaniel’s secrets grow and so does the intense attraction between them until the truth that Nathaniel is hiding threatens to tear Aura apart.

Now she must choose between loyalty or survival.

But how can she follow her heart when she’s destined to kill the man she loves?

Aura and Nathaniel have two days left to live. The second day has begun.

I really like Everly Frost’s books. I think she does a great job of writing fantasy without it being cheesy and overdone. Her characters are complex and show lots of character development, and that is no different with this book.

In the first book, Aura learns that most everything she thought she knew was a lie. We see in this book Aura trying to deal with those revelations and trying to navigate a world that she doesn’t know a lot about.

My biggest complaint (which isn’t even that big), is that everything takes place over 24 hours. Though obviously, that is a must with the story line and it surprisingly doesn’t feel too rushed or instalove like, it’s still something I have to continuously remind myself. We see Nathaniel and Aura’s relationship grow and to reiterate what I said above, despite the short timeline, it doesn’t feel forced like you may think it would.

I am excited for the book #3 to be released. Frost is really capable at keeping her readers guessing, while also keeping their intrigue. I really have no idea how everything is going to play out, but I am excited to find out. Radiant Fierce is available on kindle unlimited.

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