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Worst Book to Movie Adaptations

Hola my fellow readers. I started a new series the other day themed Book to Movie adaptions. My previous post was about My Favorite Adaptations, so now let’s talk about the worst ones. Let’s be real, there’s a lot so I tried to narrow it down to just a few. I also really wanted to focus on movies where the movies were bad overall, not just a bad telling of the book.

Without further ado, in my opinion, the worst movie adaptations are…

Yep, it’s all bad. I actually really liked these books, but I was also reading them from an 11 years old lens and riding the Twihards high so I feel like if I were to reread them I would probably stab my eyeballs out. Also, when I first watched the Twilight movie, I loved it, but as more of the series I came out, I couldn’t help but cringe. Ya, they were just all around awful. The writing, the adaptation, the acting, the ‘effects,’ just a hard no. Even looking back, the plot line originally written wasn’t that great, I am pretty sure everyone wanted to rip out half the pages in New Moon and you all know my hate for love triangles, especially when it is literally an integral point in the plot. Also, did they think we wouldn’t notice that they got a new actress for the red headed chick? (I can’t remember her name) lol.

Maybe it’s just vampire movies that don’t adapt well? This brings me to Vampire Academy, also, a whole bunch of nope and cringe. Again, I read these books when I was young so who knows if I would actually like them or at least appreciate them if I read them again, but even my young self hated this movie. The acting, oh lordy the acting is crap. Also side note, why are vampires described as having two sharp teeth that puncture someones neck, do those teeth turn into straws and they drink the blood that way? It is all very unrealistic. I wish I could unsee this movie, sorry to all the people who worked on it, but it’s like a school project gone wrong.

Why the hell would they change who the narrator of this story is??? In my opinion, that is just Hollywood white washed at its finest, literally changing the main character, who is a POC where the book is literally told from his perspective, to white McMurphy in the film. I don’t care how much you liked the movie, if literally lost all my respect for doing that. I don’t care if times were different back then, that is blatantly a big, fat no. There are also a lot of plot and character differences in the film. Don’t mess with great, this book is a classic and they literally ruined it.

Why do movie adaptations feel the need to change plot lines/ endings of the books? I don’t think anybody ever wanted to watch their favorite book come to life on screen to see that it is missing massive plot points or it’s literally a completely different ending, *ahem, Peeta I am talking to you, you were suppose to lose your leg.*

Rant over, thanks for reading. I have heard other book to movie adaptations were absolutely awful, like Percy Jackson and The Girl on the Train, but I personally never read those books, so I can’t comment on them. Let me know your least favorite book to movie adaptations! Stay tuned for the next part in the series, “I saw the movie, now I need to read the book.”

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