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I Saw the Movie… Now I Need to Read the Book

*Gasp* I know, I did it all in reverse, but to be fair, sometimes a book wasn’t even on my radar until it was made into a movie/ series. While I mentioned in my post My Favorite Book to Movie Adaptions that I love when a movie brings to life what I imagined in my head, they can also bring in lots of new readers who loved the movie and now want to read the book. This post is all about that.

Books I really need to read since I loved the movie/series are…

I actively refused to watch the series when it first came out. I am not totally sure why considering literally everybody loved it (at least until season 8). I watched Season 1 Episode 1 and I HATED it. I couldn’t believe how awful the people were and I thought it was barbaric. Then, when I was living in Australia, we got stuck in one of our hostels all day because of crazy rain and one of the seasons was playing in the common room and I was hooked. I came home and literally watched all 6 seasons that were out at that time in a week. Yes, literally. I really want to read the books because I know the story is quite different, though I admit, I am a bit daunted by the task because it is a lot of pages.

This movie came out when I was really young, way to young to understand it. I watched it when I was a bit older and of course, I cried. Will Smith is obviously a tremendous actor and has accomplished a lot in his life, but the story line is heartbreaking and uplifting and a big tearjerker. I didn’t even realize this was a book till I was looking at book to movie lists and I came across it. I would absolutely love to read this book, I’ll just make sure I will have no place to go the next day so no one can see my red, puffy eyes.

This movie, oh man. I actually didn’t watch this till I was an adult, well after all of the Hobbit movies were made. I thought it was going to be dumb and that I would have no interest in it, boy was I wrong. I loved it! Gimli is my spirit animal, and his and Legolas’s relationship is absolute comedy. I have only ever seen the directors uncut version previously, so I didn’t realize the actual movie isn’t 4 hours long til a friend and I watched them on Netflix. I even visited some of the shooting sites when I was travelling in New Zealand, which is breathtaking by the way. I absolutely want to read this book.

Most people hope the movie lives up to their expectations, now I am hoping the book does. I have continuously put off reading some of these books because I don’t want it to taint my view of the movies. What are some books you guys have been putting off? Stay tuned for the next post in Book to Movie adaptions series “books I wish were made into movies.” Thanks for reading!

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