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Spring (Evermore Academy #2) by Audrey Grey

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Spring (Evermore Academy #2) by Audrey Grey

Welcome to Evermore Academy where the magic is dark, the immortals are beautiful, and being human sucks.

My name is Summer Solstice and this is going to be my year.

Except, in the Everwilde, nothing ever goes according to plan. Students from the rival Fae academy join Evermore, and the Spring Court heir decides it’s his mission to make my life hell.

In an effort to bend me to his will, the Spring Court heir takes someone I love. There’s only one way to save them, but it jeopardizes my entire future.

Worse, someone steals the Darken’s soulstone. Everyone at the academy is a suspect.

Forces are gathering.

Sides are being chosen.

To stand any chance of saving humanity, I must finally accept the soulbond with the Winter Prince.

I really wanted to give this book at least 4 stars because the conclusion of the book got me excited for #3, but honestly, while reading it, the main characters sort of annoyed me. I like the story line and concept, but it isn’t anything new. However, I liked it enough that I will continue with the series.

My main problems are… do you remember in my blog post Book Tropes I Loathe a few days ago and one of the tropes I talked about was main characters keeping secrets from each other when they are suppose to trust their core group? Yep, that’s here and not at all surprising based off of the first book, but still, I hoped some lessons would have been learned.

Another complaint I have is obviously there is a very different power and supremacy system between the Evermore (fae) and the Shadows (humans) and as much as characters may complain about it, they literally don’t really do anything about it. Maybe I consume to many science fiction novels and I’m all for overthrowing the oppressor, but seriously, no one does anything about it which annoys me.

Despite my complaints about this book, Grey is definitely good at leaving the readers intrigued at the conclusions of her books. I am curious to know what will happen next so I already have added book #3 on my TBR shelf. Spring is available on kindle unlimited.

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