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Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies (part 2)

Alright, I am excited to finally be posting the part 2 of Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies. As I mentioned, in part 1, this wasn’t suppose to be a two part post, but I couldn’t narrow down my options well and it was getting long.

This post covers more contemporary style books I wish were made into movies.

Everything Under the Sun gave me all the feels and has lots of triggers, including rape and violence, so please be conscious before you start reading the book. I obviously really like Redmerski’s writing because I have done multiple reviews of her other books. Can a book be contemporary dystopian, because that is the genre I would put this in? It is so realistic and terrifying because if the apocalypse actually happened, I have a feeling this future of violence is not far off from the truth. My heart was in my throat reading the entire book. Also, ughh, Redmerski, why did you make it a series??? I just wanted a HEA and now we have to wait for a whole other book, so please hurry up and finish it. I think this book would work best as a series rather than a movie because it was very long.

Making Faces was sad beautiful and also gave me all the feels. In this book, Harmon tackled the hard topic of a wounded warrior and life back home after ‘surviving’ the horrors of war. It is described as a modern telling of Beauty and the Beast and I think that is a very fitting description. I am going to take this time to mention Operation Gratitude again, an organization that hooks you up with members of the military to connect to. My brother is a Marine Reservist so military books hit extra close to home now.

Thanks for reading. This is the end of my Book and Movie Adaptations series. The next series I’m going to do has to do with Goodreads so stay tuned for those posts. And obviously more book reviews. See you soon!

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