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Least Popular Books I’ve Read (according to Goodreads)

You guessed it by the title, part 2 in this series is the Least Popular Books I’ve Read, according to Goodreads. Goodreads designates the least popular book based off of the amount of people who have read that book, so I will be discussing the least read book I have read over the past 4 years or so.

Least Popular Book 2019: Paroxysm Salvation (Paroxysm #3) by Ashleigh Reynolds

How much can the human mind take?

The affected have all but taken over the world. Anti-chippers are finding the new order more than beneficial. Dagmar is still on the loose. But none of that matters anymore.

With Jaxton still reeling from the loss of Gemi, Sann is forced to take over as leader—a role he wanted no part of. When a series of unfortunate events forces them to leave the military base, they quickly learn that the world may be too far gone to save.

THEY may be too far gone to save.

This book series was wild, because it was very much one of those dystopian science fiction that feels like it could actually be a possibility. It somewhat reminds me of Divergent, where people have chips so certain emotions are amplified and others suppressed. I find it slightly ironic that this is the least popular book for 2019, when the second book, Paroxysm Aftermath, is the highest rated book I have for that year. I’m not sure why more people don’t know about this series, I really liked it and I think more people should check it out.

Least Popular Book 2018: Logan (Life After 2.5) by Julie Hall

Every warrior has his weakness.
Logan has it all—friends, popularity, girls—but his perfect life isn’t all he imagined.

When one mistake leads to his untimely arrival in the afterlife, he becomes a weapon against the evil that lurks on Earth.

When a mission goes awry he emerges with a secret superpower, but is broken in mind and body. He cleverly hides his scars, until the day he’s assigned to train an unlikely new demon hunter. Even though Audrey is as fiery as she is alluring, this beauty may be the one to tame his inner beast.

Now the only thing he’s sure of is that his existence will never be the same

Okay, I do understand why this book is the ‘least popular.’ It is a .5 book, so it is told from the other main characters perspective so while it is a continuation of the story, it is not integral to read it. That being said, I did like the Life After series despite the heavy religious themes. I did know it had religious themes before I started it so it wasn’t a surprise or anything, and I did still enjoy it despite being an atheist myself. It is very much fantasy style with demon killing and all.

Least Popular Book 2017: From Kiss to Queen by Janet Chapman

Jane Abbott knows that she’s nobody special, so instead of looking for romance she’s hunting partridge in the Maine woods when a plane crashes into a nearby pond. Diving in to save the pilot, Jane instinctively gives him air by way of a lifesaving kiss, and leads him to safety through a barrage of gunfire. 

The handsome stranger returns the favor by kidnapping her.

Clearly no ordinary man, and insisting Jane’s life is in danger, Mark spirits his stubborn guardian angel to an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean. Only then does she discover that the mysterious Mark is actually Prince Markov Lakeland. 

Soon to be crowned king of the young country of Shelikova, can Mark persuade Jane that she has what it takes to be his queen?

When I first saw this, I was confused and could not remember this book at all. Then I read some summaries and it all came back to me and I remember why it wasn’t memorable. It is weird and I feel so bad for the woman in the story. Ya I see why this is the least popular book.

Thanks for reading! I did a previous post about Most Popular Book I’ve Read over the past few years, so check that out too. My next post will be the Highest Ranked Book. Stay tuned.

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