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When You Knew (Cabots #3) by Jamie Beck

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When You Knew (Cabots #3) by Jamie Beck

An unlikely couple must decide what truly defines family.

Gentry Cabot’s rebellious life comes to a screeching halt when a one-night stand leads to a sobering new reality: motherhood. Exhausted and overwhelmed, the former wild child struggles to raise an infant on her own. After a lifetime of feeling like the odd Cabot out, Gentry knows that what her son needs most is family. For his sake, she plans to rebuild bridges with them, but first she needs a little help on the home front.

Humanitarian worker Ian Crawford has devoted his life to service. Forced to temporarily return stateside, he’s eager to head back to Haiti to expand the nonprofit he just founded in his late father’s honor. He can’t do that without money, so when Gentry offers a hefty paycheck for a short-term gig as a live-in nanny, he can’t afford to say no. Ian expects to deal with a barrage of privileged problems. What he doesn’t expect is how quickly being a makeshift father transforms him.

Despite his growing attachment to Gentry and her child, Ian still has his dreams, and Gentry wants a full-time dad for her son. When the baby’s father reenters the picture, will Gentry and Ian embrace the family they’ve formed or end up worlds apart?

Okay, this book was incredible. It was probably one of the most realistic contemporary books I have read. Everything wasn’t rainbows and sunshine and even when the main characters realized their attraction for each other, the sun didn’t suddenly shine out of each others asses where they refused to recognize others flaws.

Also, the main characters knew how to apologize and own up to their actions, which I loved. I am so sick of reading books where the characters make mistakes (which everyone does), but then make excuses for it, so all authors, please take note.

Onto the characters. Gentry was relatable and honest about her struggles as a single mother. I enjoyed her realism and how she apologetically herself, though I do wish she would have stood up for herself more to her family, especially her mother, who was extremely over critical and not supportive. I liked Ian’s character growth and how he learned that his happiness isn’t selfish.

Overall, the story line was unique and I enjoyed every second of it. I sort of jumped in and started on the 3rd book in this series because it looked them most interesting to me. However, Jamie Beck has found a new reader in me and I would love to read more of her books and see if they are all as well written as this one. Let me know what you guys think! This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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