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Popular YA Books I Didn’t Like

Anyone ever read great reviews about a book/ series, where everyone is rating it 5 stars and can’t stop talking about it? Then, you buy the book or entire series in one go (because if everyone loves it, you obviously will too right?) and then can’t stand the book(s)? I use to do this all the time, then I felt obligated to finish the book/ series, because I already bought it. I am obviously much more comfortable with DNFing books now, especially with Kindle Unlimited.

A few of the books that come to mind are…

  • The Maze Runner series by James Dashner
  • Mortal of Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
  • John Green’s books in general
  • Fallen series by Lauren Kate

I am sure there are a lot more, but these ones come to mind the quickest. I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about each book individually because I don’t want to be a total book basher and I realize the authors obviously worked hard on them and some readers do really enjoy them, hence their popularity, but, I was so disappointed.

Maze Runner just felt like it kept going and going and each book essentially cancelled out the other. Like the main characters would realize something and get out of a situation, then it was all for naught when they realized everything they thought they knew was wrong. It’s like the 8th Star Wars movie.

I think I would have liked Mortal Instruments if it stopped after book 3, but it didn’t. It almost seemed like the series was suppose to end there, then Clare saw how popular they were and was like cha ching, lets keep writing. Sorry, that sounded a bit insensitive, but I am being honest.

The Fallen series, sigh. Ya, this was angsty and annoying x10. I know it is a fantasy novel, but everything about it was unrealistic, I don’t even know why/how I finished the books. I think I ranked book #2 2 stars on Goodreads, then continued to read the rest, so who knows what is wrong with me lol.

I was so disappointing that I hated John Green’s books with the exception of The Fault in Our Stars. Lots of his characters really pissed me off with their selfishness or were just plain annoying. I bought like 4 of his books in one go and I’ll just say, it felt was a big waste of money and time (because of course, I read them all anyways.)

Thanks for reading my post. I’m sure if I reread a lot of books that I liked when I was younger, I would hate them now *cough Twilight cough*, but then my list would be much longer. Also, I liked them at the time so I am not going to do that to myself. Let me know any popular books that you disliked.

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6 thoughts on “Popular YA Books I Didn’t Like

  1. I like this format of this post. I agree with John Green books. There was a major hype and they fell short for me characterwise too.


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