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Fictional Places I Want to Visit

I absolutely love being able to get lost in a book. When the author can describe a setting so well you can just picture it in your mind. You just want to visit these places and experience them in real life. This leads me to my next series all about my “Favorite in Fiction.” If you can’t tell by the title, this post is all about Fictional Places I Want to Visit!

Is a list about fictional places complete without Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series on it? Is there anything more iconic than the Hogwarts school light up at night? When The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, I was literally there within the month! I drank butterbeer at Hogsmeade, and picked a wand at Olivander’s, and was literally just a giant kid living out my dream. As magical as this experience was, I’m pretty sure the real Hogwarts would have been even more so. Please enjoy this picture of my sister and I being absolute fools in front of the castle ;).

Can you think of a better situation than one with a chocolate river? I think not! Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory of course has to be on my list! A place where everything is edible is honestly my dream. I don’t blame Grandpa Joe one bit for suddenly being so spry after years of laying in bed. Chocolate would do that to me too. The only thing that could possibly make it better is if calories don’t count while there because I would leave looking like Violet after she ate that stick of gum.

“A little party never killed nobody, so we going to dance until we drop”-Fergie. I mean, until the party did kill somebody, but let’s pretend it didn’t. My partying days are few and far between now that I am a bit older (and because of Covid recently), but I would give my left tit to go to a Gatsby party. Yes, the whole premise of it is sad and frankly a bit pathetic, but I would have been ecstatic for one night of the craziness! It seems so whimsical and over the top and I can just already feel my body humming with energy. Please someone throw an authentic roaring 20’s party and invite me!

Thank you for reading my first post in my “Favorite in Fiction” series. The author damn well did their job when you can’t wait to visit a fictional place! For my next post in this series, I will be talking about Fictional Characters I Want to Meet. In the meantime, let me know your favorite settings in books.

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