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August Wrap Up

My goal for August was for 50% of the books I read to be about minority characters who are underrepresented in media. Whether this be POC, people with disabilities, learning disorders, LGBTQ+, etc. Though this is not surprising at all, but I really liked most of these stories and I loved reading about the different perspectives and how those characters deal with different aspects of their lives. While I haven’t actually done the math, I do feel like I have enjoyed these books more since they were unique,had excellent character development, diversity and overall, just really great stories.

Without further ado, let’s get started. I grouped the books so if anyone is looking for a book to read with more representation and diversity, you can find it easily.

Physical Disabilities

Disabilities / Disorders

People of Color


Not minority represented

  • Infernal Dark (Bright Wicked #3) by Everly Frost
  • When the Time is Right by M. Mabie
  • Rocket Science by Emily Mayer
  • Smitten by Lauren Rowe
  • Knox (Merrick Brothers #1) by Prescott Lane
  • The Trouble with Quarterbacks by R.S. Grey
  • That Swoony Feeling (Getting Lucky #4) by Meghan Quinn
  • In the Cards by Jamie Beck
  • When You Knew (The Cabots #3) by Jamie Beck
  • Unraveling Him (Bailey Brothers #3) by Claire Kingsley
  • Among the Echoes (On the Ropes #.5) by Aly Martinez
  • The Rook (Wicked Kingdoms #2) by Frost Kay
  • Chance of Sprinkles (Donut Disturb #3) by Melissa Williams
  • The Enemy by Sarah Adams

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hyperlinked some of the reviews I have done for the books I read, but I haven’t posted all of them, so more links and posts to come soon! Please feel free to recommend me some of your favorite books! (Especially if they are available on Kindle Unlimited.) Thank you.

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