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Infernal Dark (Bright Wicked #3) by Everly Frost

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Infernal Dark (Bright Wicked #3) by Everly Frost

One death.
Two broken hearts.
Three fates hang in the balance.

When Nathaniel Shield chose to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Aura Lucidia, neither of them could have predicted the truth and lies that their heartbreak would reveal.

Now, faced with the knowledge of her real power, Aura must fight for her life against her deceptive Queen, the vicious Fell King, the vengeful humans, and even her own people who want her dead.

But there’s far more at stake than her own life. No matter how much they fear her, the fate of the humans and the fae rests in Aura’s hands.

When the lure of darkness becomes too much, only Nathaniel can pull her from the shadows.

But how far will Aura go to save him?

There’s one day left to live. The final day has begun.

I have been awaiting the finale of this series. Everly Frost is one of my favorite authors and I have trouble realizing that the entire Bright Wicked series occurred over the course of three days since the books felt very in depth and not as rushed as you would have thought.

Since the second book, I am pretty sure every reader is holding out hope that it won’t end how Law of Champions dictates it will. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you, you’re going to have to read for yourself to find out ;).

This book was pretty detailed about how the conclusion of the book came about. The main characters, Aura and Nathaniel were able to find out the answers to a lot of their questions so the reader did get to see some sense made of things. That being said, all the old magic and laws were still a bit confusing to me in terms of what trumps what, how it’s superior, etc. However, Frost did spend a significant amount of time explaining everything, I just think in the explanations, it also raised different questions if that makes sense?

I also have some question about Aura based on who she is. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything so please skip this paragraph so I can ask some questions haha… Can Aura die now? Does she age like a normal person? How come the one law suspended the other for the moment? Does that mean one is more important than another?

However, despite some of my questions, I did really enjoy this book. I liked the characters relationship development. I liked how supporting characters didn’t just immediately believe Aura and Nathaniel with everything happening since that would have been unrealistic. I liked the imagery and the emotion readers can experience.

I definitely recommend this series. Everly Frost is great at writing fantasy and I always enjoy her books! This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If anyone has read this series, let me know your thoughts and if anyone has the same questions I do after finishing it.

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