Fictional Characters I Want to Meet

And so my Favorite of Fiction series continues with Characters I Want to Meet. Anyone ever read a book or watch a movie and think, ‘dang, I wish this person was real’ or ‘this person is really cool’ or even just wishing you could adopt some of their traits? Well, if your answer is yes (in a not at all creepy stalker way), then me too! Let’s get started!

Name a more iconic bromance than Gimli and Legolas? I’ll wait. Honestly, they were the best characters in the LOTR series, their relationship and comedic breaks were genius. I would love to hang out with them and listen to them bicker like an old married couple. Also, Gimli became my spirit animal when they are chasing the orcs and he is struggling to keep up and says ‘keep running, that’s the key.’ My love bloomed from there.

Hermione Granger is the biggest badass in the HP series and deserves way more credit than Harry Potter himself, change my mind. Harry wouldn’t have even made it past book 3 without her. I would also love nothing more than to meet Emma Watson in real life. I love her values and how she uses her position in the spot light to speak about feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, and more.

Honestly *Captain* Jack Sparrow just seems like loads of fun. He would be that friend you would go on an adventure with and would never know where the night would take you. You just know you’re going to have a story to tell your grandkids about one one day. Though I honestly don’t think I would ever actually go on a boat with him; he just seems to invite trouble there and I am not the strongest swimmer lol.

Katniss Everdeen is just bad ass. The Hunger Games is one of my favorite dystopian science fiction series so my list wouldn’t be complete without her. Selfless, brave, loyal, able to think for herself? All the qualities of someone you want to meet. I also wouldn’t mind meeting J Law in real life, she just seems hilarious and down to earth based off of interviews I have seen of her.

Thanks for reading about characters I would love to meet! Any fictional characters you guys would particularly love to meet? My Favorite of Fiction series continues later with Fictional Villains: The Best of the Worst. I decided to do two villain posts because I was having trouble narrowing down my options. Stay tuned.

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