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Ruined King (Night Elves Trilogy #2) by C.N. Crawford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ruined King (Night Elves Trilogy #2) by C.N. Crawford

I’ve restored my soul, but now I’m trapped in the Citadel, separated from Ali. Worse, she believes I’ve betrayed her. And she’s desperate to kill me. Even as I work to save her, a great reckoning between the tribes of Elves threatens to ruin my plans. And if I don’t solve this, Ali and I will both end up in Hel.

I always really enjoy C.N. Crawford’s book series. They really are great fantasy novels with some mythology, folklore, or prophecies thrown in. The author duo really has a great way of intertwining these well known tales with a new twist. The Ruined King is no different.

The Night Elves Trilogy follows Norse Mythology nearly a thousand years after Ragnarok. Ali is an assassin for the Night Elves, an oppressed group slowly being killed by the High Elves. Galin, the prince of the high elves is trapped in his gilded cage, and not able to execute his free will.

A Winnowing, which is a battle between different tribes of elves where they will fight until half the amount are killed and the tribe with the most surviving members wins, is declared and now Galin is fighting for Ali while on the opposite side of the battle.

There are a few little curve balls and plot twists thrown in that keep the book interesting without throwing a wrench in the story line. I really enjoyed the dual perspective of the story. I do think there were a tad to many escapes of near death experiences so I never actually feel like any of the characters are in any actual danger. George R.R. Martin they are not haha.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I am a loyal C.N. Crawford reader and am always excited about their next book. Have you guys read any of their books? If so, which ones? Thanks for reading. This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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