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Fictional Deaths I Will Never Get Over

My Favorite of Fiction series continues. I am not really emotional in real life, but when it comes to books and movies, I can be a blubbering mess. We all know a few fictional characters deaths who hit us just as hard as if they were real. While I do understand the killing characters off is often important to the plot, I am reading my books to escape reality and I like when everyone gets to live happily ever after haha. Obviously most authors are not George R. R. Martin, who literally kills everyone, but sometimes one or two deaths are pretty impactful. Here are a few fictional deaths I will never get over.

Dobby from Harry Potter had me feeling some type of way. All he wanted was to be free and have some friends, and he is probably one of the most loyal character in the series. I

Oh goodness, who kills off just one twin? A monster that’s who. Fred Weasley didn’t deserve to die. His was probably the worst death in the entire Harry Potter series.

I am definitely not into main character killing. The really did Tris dirty in Divergent. I get that she was trying to save her brother (who didn’t deserve it btw), but how is their only plan one that involves sacrificing themselves? Also they whole thing about it being an experiment rubs me the wrong way.

Okay, I am pretty sure this is the first movie I ever remember crying in. How could you kill of Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia? This is a children’s movie, I don’t think any child wants to cry while watching a movie. Side note: I also had a massive crush on Josh Hutcherson, so how could you do this to him?

I cried when Marley died. I do realize he was an older dog and obviously their lifespans are not as long as ours, but I vividly remember sitting in my room reading this book (crying obviously) and my dad walking in and being like ‘WTH, why are you crying?, stop reading sad books’ haha.

Lennie didn’t deserve to die! I felt so bad for him because people just didn’t understand him and you just know he would never intentionally hurt a fly. And how he died? Oh boy, I felt so bad for George, I can’t imagine how he was able to do that, even if it meant Lennie dying happy.

Alright, I hope I didn’t make you guys cry to much today. Obviously this is not a happy post, but I am glad I got to write about it. We all have some fictional deaths that we will never get over. Thanks for reading.

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