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Travel Guide: Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas, no matter what the sign says. I have been to Vegas numerous times, both under 21 and over, and I can honestly say every single time I have been has been an experience to say the least. We are going to focus on 21+ fun, specifically balling in Vegas on a budget.


Honestly, you really can’t go wrong in terms of hotels, it all just depends on your budget. There are a few things to take into consideration besides money though.

First, do you want to stay where you are planning on playing? I know for me, I love to go to different places, whether they are clubs, pools, restaurants, etc. so this is not important to me because I’m going to end up in an Uber most of the time anyways. But, if you are really set on a specific casino or something, maybe staying where you are playing would be the best bet for you?

I personally like staying off the strip. Whatt?? Why?? One its cheaper (I told you balling on a budget). Two, I find many of the hotels off the strip are more suite like for the same or cheaper price as a normal double room. My go to hotel when I am staying with friends is actually the Residence Inn. The rooms are massive because they are all suites and comes with kitchens, breakfast, and even happy hours! They are definielty family friendly, but the large rooms are great for pregaming and breakfast is 100% worth it when you are trying to drag yourself out of bed the next day. Also parking off the strip is so much easier and cheaper.

Honestly though, where every you stay doesn’t matter to much. It’s not like you really plan on spending a whole lot of time in the room anyways so just cross check your budget and what you value most (being on the strip, breakfast, price, large room, etc.) and you are bound to find a room for you.

Going Out

I was going to call this section night life, but honestly, it is always night life in Vegas! The best way to get into both night and day clubs for FREE and sometimes with free drinks is to sign up for a guest lists! You can literally google it and multiple websites will pop up that are legit. Here are a few I have used, Las Vegas Night Clubs, No Cover Night Life, and Free Vegas Club Passes. The biggest things about getting on the lists are that you have to be in by a certain time (usually on the earlier side), and you have to have equal or more amount of girls in your group for it to be free. I know, that one is a bit sexist, but I don’t make the rules.

Again, base which clubs you choose off what you like. Do you like EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40s? Well, they have it all, just do your research. In my opinion, the night clubs are no different than night clubs you find in any big city, where it is at for me are the day/pool parties! Those are honestly the best! My favorite is Hard Rock Hotel’s in case you want to check it out.

Story Time! I have a crazy story about one of the pool parties I’ve been too. Okay, so a few of my friends were visiting from England and Australia so of course, I take them for a weekend in Vegas. The second day we are there, we go to the Hard Rock’s pool party. We haven’t really eaten to much because we were all nursing hangovers and we slept in, so we barely had time to get ready and pregame. We get there and we buy drinks for us. Then, this woman who works there comes up to us and asks if we want free drinks. Uh duh! We are all like 21-22 and don’t have a whole lot of money for $20 well drinks. She takes us to a cabana where a group of old guys and their sons (who are a bit older than us) and she starts using their bottles of vodka to pour us massive drinks in those huge souvenir cups. We are all like uhh, WTF is happening and me and my friends are making the crazy eyes at each other. We feel so awkward, we unknowingly pimped ourselves out (we just had to talk to them, don’t think anything too bad haha) for free alcohol. We go, this is so awkward, I’m just going to get really drunk until it’s no longer awkward.

That is literally what we all do and everyone gets absolutely plastered. It ends up being the best, funniest time ever! One of my friends gets fake engaged to one of the guys so they will bring us champagne! There’s a storm coming so the winds are super crazy, so me and one of the dudes decide we are going to reenact Titanic. Another of my friends sits on the old dudes lap and they take a picture, which he says he is sending to his ‘future ex wife.’ The afternoon ends with one of my girlfriends getting so drunk, we are escorted out by security. Who would have thought our afternoon would go in that direction?

I have met up with this group of friends a few times around the world and literally every time we meet up, we retell this story laughing uncontrollably!

Enjoy our ridiculous pictures from this momentous occasion.

Things To Do

There are a few things you have to do, especially if you are Vegas Newbie. First, of all, walk the strip! I recommend doing this both once during the day and once at night! It is a totally different experience. There are also no open container laws, so grab that drink and get the walking. Ladies, please where comfortable shoes! I have walked the strip in heels before and it is the worst thing ever! No cute outfit is worth walking a few miles while your feet cry.

Go to the M&M and Coca Cola store. Yes, these are very family oriented, but it is honestly pretty cool to stop in. At the Coca Cola store you can taste test 23 different cokes from around the world. Some are absolutely disgusting so you have been warned.

If you have the money, go see a show! I have always wanted to go see Cirque du Soleil because it looks absolutely incredible, but it has never been in my budget. They also have some cool comedy shows you can attend at a range of prices. I have attended one before and it was a great time. Be prepared, you may get heckled a bit. They also have free shows on the strip including the Water Show in front of the Venetian and the Pirate Show in front of Treasure Island.

Walk around Downtown Last Vegas. This is a bit further from the strip, but it is good to walk through with a drink and get a meal! There is also a zip line that goes the length of it, however it is a bit pricey for what you get.

The shopping in Vegas is legendary. I hate shopping, this is not for me, but they amount of shops and cool unique malls are definitely up there. Cesar’s Palace is obviously very well known, but it doesn’t stop there. They also have lots of outlet malls at State Line if you want to stop in your way in.

Lastly, eat eat eat! Vegas has some of the coolest restaurants at all different ranges of prices! Their buffets are incredible! A few of the more unique ones are on this list. You really can’t go wrong with the food there!


Vegas is definitely an experience that everyone should have at least once! I have had so much fun every time I have gone, though a large part of that is contributed to the people I am with than actually being there, but still. I have personally always had a wild time, the story I told you is literally the tip of the iceberg, but even if you aren’t a big drinker or partier, there is still a lot to do. Let me know some of your guys’ crazies Vegas experiences!

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