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Team This or Team That ???

Everyone loves a good fandom. Whether books or shows or movies, you will find die hard fans everywhere. Now, what about when there is a divide in a fandom? I love how everyone ride or dies their side, though in the end, the plot will only ever prove one to be successful. Let’s talk about my favorite team this vs team that in media!

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Is there any better known feud for tweens and twihards than the classic Team Edward vs. Team Jacob? I admit, I am split. In the books, I was Team Edward all the way. Jacob was a nuisance and I found his character annoying and disruptive. Now, in the movies, it’s a whole different story. I am pretty sure Taylor Lautner was every 12 year olds childhood crush and I wanted nothing more than to rewrite Edward out of the books haha. I also hate love triangles, and if I never read another book with one, it still won’t purge my hate for them lol.

Team Gale vs. Team Peeta

While I am pretty sure any of the Hemsworth’s are the love of anyone’s lives, I was Team Peeta all the way. Literally willing to do anything to keep his girl alive who isn’t actually his girl, very romantic in a morbid sort of way haha. I also felt like Gale was thrown in more as, oh it was expected before the whole Hunger Games business, when in my opinion they seemed like nothing more than friends.

Team Snape vs. Team James

While I agree that Snape turned out to be a total petty asshat, at the time when Lily got with James, I totally would have been Team Snape. I know, then there wouldn’t have been Harry Potter and everything, blah, blah, but I wasn’t a fan of the “jock” role that they put James into.

Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man

I am totally Team Cap on this. Not just because he is totally “America’s Ass” but honestly, I think the accords were so dumb. Yes, obviously there was a lot of property destruction, but opposed to the alternative? Really? Letting millions of people die or having an alien invasion, etc. and the governments are mad about property? Though, not surprised, that pretty much mirrors our society today anyways.

Okay, thank you for reading my post literally just about my opinions on popular fandom divides haha. What do you guys think? Do you agree with me or are you rooting for the other sides?

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7 thoughts on “Team This or Team That ???

  1. Oh dear.
    I haven’t read/watched Twilight, so I don’t know about that.
    I was Team Gale all the way
    I am neither in Snape nor in James’s team, though I am inclined towards Snape just a wee bit
    I am Team Iron man

    It seems as if we disagree on all opinions😂


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