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Travel Guide: Byron Bay, Australia

Back to the Land Down Under. I have been severely missing the beach this summer. With Covid-19 and everything, I haven’t felt to comfortable going out so I only went one time. This is extremely unusual for me, because typically you can catch me at the beach at least a few times a week. Speaking of beaches, I thin Byron Bay is one of my favorite beach vacations I ever took. This vacation was literally perfect, largely due to the incredible people I went with, but also, you really can’t go wrong in Byron.

Where to stay?

We, of course stayed in a hostel. Our hostel, Aquarius, was great if you are looking for a good time, ready to meet lots of people, and even a pool. However, that was not unique to this hostel and there are so many good ones in the area, I doubt you can go wrong. The hostel hosted activities for everyone, and even organized a really great pub crawl that they drove us to.

What to do?

Take a coastal walk to the Cape Byron Light House. This is obviously a very touristy thing to visit, but I enjoyed the coastal walk to it even more than I liked seeing the Lighthouse. Australia’s coast is absolutely beautiful with stunning beaches, amazing cliffsides, and lush greenery. This walk also takes you to the most “Easterly Point in Australian Mainland,” which is a fun little spot to capture a memento.

Check out all the local stores and restaurants. I absolutely loved walking around this little town. You don’t even need to plan to go anywhere in specific, just start walking and you are bound to come across incredibly cute and artsy stores and restaurants that you can’t pass up. There were also lots of good places for amazing brunch so don’t miss out.

Catch some sun at the numerous beaches. This is a coastal town so you really don’t have to worry about going to a specific beach. We would sort of just start walking and when we saw a spot we liked, we plopped down there for a bit. The water was incredible and the beach we stopped at actually had a little sandbar where you could sit in the water while the waves lapped over you. There are obviously lots of water activities including surfing, kayaking, whale watching, etc.

There are also a few other nature things you can get to including Arakwal National Park, waterfalls, and the Tea Tree Lakes. Some you may need a car to get to or to spend some time on public transport or with a tour, but honestly, the area is fairly small compared to a city so don’t worry about that too much.

You can’t go to Byron without taking a day trip to Nimbin. Nimbin is a cute little hippy town where literally the whole purpose to eat some edibles and get high. The day trip we were on gave us a few hours in the town to buy our ‘goods’ then took us to a park where they barbequed hot dogs for everyone. It was a really good time and I highly recommend going

Byron Bay also has some really great Night Life. It is all very casual bars with lots of dancing, but being that it is Australia, you can always assume it is going to be a wild time. Woody’s and Cheeky Monkey are probably the most well known backpacking bars, but again, this is a city you can just walk down the street and find something good to do. We also went to a reggae night while there, which was great for a chill bar night with friends.


Thanks for reading about Byron Bay! This was probably my favorite trip I took in Australia and I hope everyone has the chance to experience it. It is fairly touristy, however, it was super relaxing and mellow and a great place to get away for a bit.

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