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Travel Guide: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Hello, thanks for coming back. I wanted to talk about one of my favorite spots in Thailand, Koh Phangan. I want to preface and say, Thailand, being largely a tourist economy, Koh Phangan obviously fits that tourist destination as well. However, this island is also incredible for lounging and soaking up the sun with a fruity umbrella drink in hand.

Where To Stay:

I stayed at the Sarana Bungalows on Koh Phangan and they were great! They have both dorm style and private rooms for a variety of budgets. The amenities and quality of room and service provided was great! The property was beach front and had an infinity pool! The bungalows had a tab system which meant you didn’t have to constantly carry cash around. You put a decent size deposit in addition to your room, then when ever you ordered anything from the restaurant or bar, it just added to your bill. The culture and environment were great for meeting people and I really can’t sing enough praises for this accommodation. Below is a picture from a sandbar just off shore from the hotels beach and the infinity pool/ views.

What To Do?

If you can’t tell by my accommodation paragraph, I spent much of my time just relaxing in the pool and on the beach. Being an island, there are obviously loads of beaches, but I just stuck mostly to this one and took walks along the shore to nearby beaches. The water was super warm and had lovely sandy bottoms. It was also extremely shallow so we you could walk out without really getting any deeper. Also feel free to check out a few different water activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Koh Phangan is notoriously known for it’s Full Moon Party. If you hadn’t guessed, it is a party that takes place on a local beach during the full moon. It is definitely for tourists, and just an excuse to get absolutely hammered, but it is lots of fun too. I literally fell down the stairs and bruised my butt, but was too drunk to care. I also paid and got in a giant hamster ball with some friends I made, and we just had a ridiculous time rolling around in it. And lastly, drunk me decided it was a great idea to ‘fire jump rope’ and nearly burned myself, so don’t do that! Enjoy the below video as a cautionary tale haha. This goes without saying, but please be conscious of yourself and your belongings, as with any big party, keep yourself and your friends safe.

A clearly, very drunk Chelsey

Of course, you can’t go to Thailand without seeing some elephants! Oh my goodness, they are so majestic and beautiful. We got to give them a bath and some loving and I couldn’t stop smiling. I loved this experience because they seemed to be treated very ethically; no one was allowed to ride them and they didn’t appear to have any wounds. I can’t find a website for the sanctuary, but I saw someone else’s blog post they wrote about it, so you can check it out here.

Lastly, eat and drink as much as you can! I feel in love with Thai food. Pad Thai and fried rice dishes were incredible. The accomodation I stayed at also did have a variety of western food as well for when you want a little comfort food every now and again. Thailand in general is very affordable, and if you eat street food and vendors over a restaurant, you can get a meal between $1-$2. I also spent a lot of time sipping on alcoholic drinks while relaxing. They have all the traditional cocktails and of course, you can’t go to Thailand without drinking some cheap Chang beer, but my favorite drink was a coconut rum shake. Oh goodness, it really hit the spot when you’re baking under the hot sun.

Don’t forget to check out some other things like getting a traditional Thai massage or a bamboo tattoo. Spend some time beach hopping and exploring different local markets. Get your haggling skills on and pay your respects to different wats or temples (make sure your shoulders and knees are covered for entrance).


Thank you for checking out my blog. Koh Phangan is a great mix of fun and relaxing. I can’t recommend it enough and I would absolutely love to go back and soak in the sun. Any been here before? If so, what did you like about it?

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