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The Rose Witch by Chandelle LaVaun

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The Rose Witch by Chandelle LaVaun

His magic lurks in the shadows…

I feel his eyes on my back with every step I take. He’s following me. Chasing me. There’s nowhere for me to go, nowhere to hide that he won’t find me. He moves in smoke and shadows. He is the darkness. He tracks my every move like a predator with gold glowing eyes in the night. I know he’s going to catch me, the only question is…why do I want him to?

I have no idea who he is or what he wants. I know I should be terrified…but I’m not.

There are things happening to me…things I can’t control or explain…things that only I can see. Magic pours from me like a scarlet river and this locket around my neck pulses with dark, electric energy. I think it’s what he wants…but he isn’t the only thing on the hunt for it. Demons hide around every corner, they attack mercilessly and relentlessly – the only thing they seem to be afraid of is him.

That should be a warning, except there’s something inside me that begs to be near him. I feel it like a magnet, drawing me closer and I’m running out of reasons to fight it.

He is the Prince of Hell…and he’s either my savior or my damnation…

The Rose Witch is a novel set in The Coven saga but is designed to be read as a stand-alone.

I received an ARC of this book and this is my honest review. I am actually a bit bummed by this book because I really love the Coven series and LaVaun’s writing / stories. The main reason I didn’t like it was because of the literal insta-love, that is one of my least favorite tropes so I know my prejudice against it is reflected in my review haha. So if that’s your thing, maybe you will like this book more than I did.

Chloe, part of the Lancaster line, is restored her magic after her cousin completes his quest. Chloe, having previously no knowledge of magic and hur family’s curse is in for quite a shock when red mist shoots out of her hands, books come to life, she can jump through paintings, oh and a winged dude shows up at her family’s book store. She plays a bigger role in everything than she imagined, can she help save the world?

I mentioned in my first paragraph that one of the biggest reasons I didn’t like this book was because of insta-love. Well another is because everything just moves so damn fast. It was like she crammed a series into a book. The entire book takes place over 24 hours! Like that’s so crazy. I think if it would have happened, even over 2 weeks or something, I would have liked the book A LOT more.

I could also be more hard on this book because I really do love the rest of LaVaun’s books and so I had pretty high expectations. I am not sure though. I would be very interested to see what both fans of her work and newbies think of this novel?

If you are interested in reading it, it was just released November 9 and is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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