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The Fount Series (1-3) by Stephanie Fazio

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Prince’s Chosen (Fount #1) by Stephanie Fazio

Addy is a farmer in upstate New York. Tol is the prince of a dying magical race. Both are trapped in lives they didn’t choose.

18-year-old Addy has spent her entire life in a small town, where the most exciting activity is watching corn grow. That is, until seven-foot warriors crash through her front door. They kidnap her sister and then try to kill her.

As she faces their swords with nothing but her fists, she’s saved by a man who obliterates her enemies without laying a finger on them. His name is Tol, and he claims to be a magical, mind-controlling prince.

Tol has spent his life searching for the human girl with the power to save his ruined world. Now, he’s finally found her. But Addy can’t afford to risk her life for a world she never knew existed. She is consumed by one thought…rescuing her sister.

There is only one chance for them to get what they desperately need. For it to work, Tol and Addy must sacrifice the one thing they are both fighting to keep: their freedom. 

The Foresaken’s Choice (Fount #2) by Stephanie Fazio

The Chosen Union (Fount #3) by Stephanie Fazio

The Fount series follows sisters, Addy and Livy, two seemingly regular girls who learn there are two othe alien races, the Foresaken and the Chosen, and they are integral parts to their survival. I went on a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of interest in these books. The first book I thought was good and I was intrigued to read the next book. But, the second book dragged a bit for me and I kept reading other books while reading that one, that is until about 75% into the book. Then boom, I was hooked and flew through the end of that book and the 3rd book in one night.

The series is your standard YA paranormal fantasy books. It did have a bit of insta-love and character naivety, but that is to be expected with a YA series, but isn’t my cup of tea. I liked most of the characters and I liked that the good vs. evil wasn’t exactly black and white, and you saw it on both sides.

However, I really did not like Erikir after he does a certain something in the second books, which I will not reveal, you have to read to find out. Honestly, he definitely should have gotten way more shit and I hated how Livy forgave and forgot so quickly. That was my biggest point of annoyance and honestly, I wish he would have been punished for it.

Overall, it was an okay read. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either, but I think that’s just me because it has incredible reviews on Goodreads, so you guys should read it and form your own opinions. The series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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