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Baby It’s Cold Outside | Book Tag

Thank you Riddhi for tagging me! I recently moved to Colorado from California so this is my first time experiencing a real winter (snow and all), so it has been an adjustment, but fun! I would also like to say, while I love the winter themed book tag title, I am not a fan of this song because of it’s sexist and somewhat rapey vibes so everyone down to retitle it Winter Wonderland or something? haha


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Let’s begin!

Snow Day – What’s your “comfort” book?

I wouldn’t necessarily call Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout a ‘comfort book,’ but before I got a Kindle, it was the only book I had in e-book form downloaded on my phone. Therefore, whenever I was out in public and I didn’t have a book, I would always just pick up and start reading that one and where ever I left off.

Snow Angels – What’s a book that you love so much you would want to be buried with it(a little morbid, but…)

My favorite book depends on my mood and what genre I am currently hooked on. Am I a cop-out for saying I really don’t know? haha

Warm Socks – What’s a book that makes you feel warm inside?(The fluffiest, cutest romance you’ve ever read?)

Smitten by Lauren Rowe is the ‘fluffiest, cutest romance’ I’ve read. As I was reading, I literally kept waiting for the ‘something bad’ to happen that authors always throw in at the end of books before the big finale, but it never happened (in a good way) and I loved how sweet both leads were.

Hot Cocoa – What winter-themed novels have you previously read?

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S. Lewis is pretty quintessential winter.

Sledding – What’s a book with the best plot twists? Who’s an author that always keeps you on your toes?

The Mask of Mirrors (Rook and Rose #1) by M.A. Carrick took me by surprise! It took me a bit to get into the book but once I was, I flew through it!

I am not sure who an author is that keep me on my toes. Most of the authors I religiously read write similar style books, while I love and have some plot twists thrown in, I wouldn’t describe the books as totally unique, unknown books. I think Maggie Stiefvater is pretty good at keeping readers on her toes though.

Ugly Sweaters – What’s a book with the ugliest cover?

Sorry for always using this book for this question, but it’s so true! Paroxysm Effect by Asheligh Reynolds had an awful cover! Thank goodness they released a different version.

Movie Marathon – What’s the last book you binge read?

I feel like most books I read, I ‘binge’ read compared to the average person because I read so fast and so much haha. But if I had to choose tge last book where I literally stayed up all night to finish it, responsibilities be damned, it would be When the Time is Right by M. Mabie.

Letter to Santa – What’s a book that’s on your wish list this year?

Ugh, so many books. I did a whole post about books I am impatiently waiting on for their release (but they come out soon so yay!). Other books I am waiting on include… Ever After Always (Bergman Brothers #3) by Chloe Liese and The Crown of Gilded Bones (Blood and Ash #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

I tag…

And anyone else who wants to do this tag! Thank you for reading! Stay warm in these coming winter months by cuddling up with your favorite book!

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13 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside | Book Tag

  1. I know I’m super late to the party, but thanks so much for tagging me!! Somehow I completely missed the notification 🙈 But since it just started snowing again here, I think it’s definitely still fitting to do the tag 😁
    And yes, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!! That book also immediately gives me Christmas vibes, and it’s one of my favorite stories to return to at this time of the year 😊


      1. Wow, I’m so jealous! Almost all our snow melted away again overnight, so I’m keeping fingers crossed that that winter wonderland feeling will eventually reach us, too 😁


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