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The Brightest Night (The Origin #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Brightest Night (The Origin #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Less than a year ago, Evelyn Dasher was a normal girl, living an unremarkable life.

Now, she’s on the run, under the protection of the beautiful, deadly inhuman Luc. She’s been betrayed by those who were closest to her. And she’s learned truths about herself that she never saw coming–things she once knew, and was made to forget. Truths with devastating consequences. She’s caught in the eye of the storm.

He is the darkest star.
You are the burning shadow.
And together, you will bring about the brightest night.

You all know I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and the Lux series is probably Top 3 of my favorite series of all time so I was all about a continuation of the series. I will say, at the end of the Lux series, I sort of hoped everyone just lived happily ever after and it was over and done with, but I love getting to see the characters again in this series, even if they are still fighting Daedalus. However, I loved the first series and the main characters Daemon and Katy so much more, so The Origin series is not quite living up to that level.

Evie/ Nadia has learned the truth about her being a Trojan Horse for Daedalus, waiting to be ‘activated’ and basically turn into a mindless alien machine to do their bidding. Luc of course will do anything and everything to keep her safe and with him. As their relationship grows and progresses and they learn more about what they are up against, can they help end Daedalus once and for all?

I also want to mention, the language was spot on when talking about how people view those different from themselves. You can’t help but draw parallels from the book with racism today. While this book falls into the sci-fi category, it is always alarming and mind boggling how much that often relates to real life.

The book starts out a bit slow, but has lots of little twists and turns thrown in later that keep it interesting. This book was good and entertaining, but I felt like it was written more as a set up for the rest of the series. Rather than having lots of substance and events happen, it was a build up that led to a crazy cliffhanger.

I am not a big fan of cliffhangers, but damn, they got me and I am definitely anticipating the next book. Speaking of next book, any body know how many books this series is planning on being? I am just curious since the Lux series was a 5 book series, so I am wondering if this will be the same?

Anyways, I do recommend this series. Armentrout is great for the YA science fiction genre. If you are interested in reading, this book is available on a variety of platforms, you can follow to your perspective purchasing site here.

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