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The Rogue Witch (The Coven: Fae Magic #2) by Chandelle LaVaun

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Rogue Witch (The Coven: Fae Magic #2) by Chandelle LaVaun

Magic has never felt so good.

My memory is back.

Magic rages through my veins, singing the song of revenge. And it tastes better than Riah’s lips on mine.

I will find my way home no matter what Prince Thorne throws at me. I don’t care Riah has to say. It’s too late for apologies. We’re beyond explanations. His words are empty and mean nothing. He betrayed me. He wrapped me up like a Christmas present and delivered me right to my enemy. They did this to me…but they don’t know just how strong I am.

If they want me, well, I’d like to see them try. Here I am, come and get me.

I waited 327 years for this…I will have my vengeance.

The Coven Series

I liked this book way better than the first in the series, which you can read my review here. I have obviously been following this series for a LONG time (season 3 whoop) so I was more than a little disappointed when the first book in the Fae Magic season didn’t have a lot of the other characters. That was totally rectified in this book!

I enjoyed the plot. I am so happy Saffie is back with the gang and has her memories. I am not to sure I care for Riah’s explanation of why things were the way they were, I felt it was a bit of a cop out reason, but it did paint him in a better light. The whole coven was back together again (which I loved) and overall things were going really well, well until they weren’t.

My biggest complaint in this book was that there were a lot of ceremonies. I know, weird complaint considering it is a magic arcana book, but there were so many ceremonies, and they were jam packed back to back it felt like. I just don’t find them the most entertaining to read, but that could just be me.

The ending is so crazy! I really need LaVaun to plan to release this book before the expected publishing date because I am confused and curious and ugh! This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. I obviously recommend this book. Has anyone else read this series?

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