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In the Black by Luci Dreamer

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In the Black by Luci Dreamer

What if you got a second chance at first love?

Hotshot firefighter captain Michelle ‘Mitch’ Mitchell loves her job, loves her dog, and loves her best friend Fish. She did love a girl once, but that girl left their small town, taking Mitch’s heart with her.

Lilly never meant to hurt Mitch. She just wanted some time to figure out who she was. Now ten years later, she’s back in her hometown dealing with an ailing aunt, a failing family bar, and a girlfriend she can’t seem to fall in love with.

When grief brings Mitch and Lilly together, secrets are revealed, old wounds are reopened and long-smoldering feelings reignited. Will they be able to forgive past mistakes and start over?

Overall, I liked this book and would like to look more into other works by this author. The representation was great, not just in the obvious LGBTQ+, but there were people of color and women in authority positions in male dominated industries. As I get older and I read more, representation is something that becomes more and more important to me. Let’s get to the story.

Mitch and Lilly were high school sweetheart. That all changed when Lilly left their small town. A decade later she is brought home when her aunt grows sick and now, Mitch and Lilly are facing down their old skeletons. Is a second chance in the cards?

I really liked Mitch’s character. She was so giving and kind and badass and I would love to be her friend in real life. I really liked the fire fighter angle and her relationship with her best friend, Fish. Lilly, I am honestly a bit iffy about. In my opinion, she really toyed with others feelings in ways that I just don’t find acceptable. Their breakup 10 years before was not very great, as you can imagine, and as they see each other again, they both take some blame, but Mitch really thinks it was her fault, which I do NOT agree with. That is my biggest issue with the book overall.

The rest of the paragraph is a spoiler of me ranting for a second so skip this for no spoilers! Again, I liked that they both acknowledged their mistakes, but Mitch sort of fell into the ‘it’s all my fault’ blah blah blah, and not only do I not agree with that, I hate that it was written in to her character. Lilly broke up with Mitch after Mitch proposed to her in front of all their friends and family because months before Lilly applied for a graduate program out of state and didn’t tell anyone she was leaving. Lilly also couldn’t handle Mitch being away for her job as a fire fighter. Then, when she left she wrote Mitch a letter explaining her reasons then blamed Mitch for not reaching out (Mitch didn’t read the letter). Lilly is angry after she wrote a letter and left the state after a declining Mitch’s proposal that Mitch didn’t reach out to her… That is so unbelievable selfish in my opinion to blame someone for not reaching out after you failed to communicate clearly for literally months beforehand. There is also some OW drama that Lilly drags out that I have issues with.

So anyways, I actually liked this book when I was reading it a lot. I’m sorry my review sounds a bit ranty, I just have issues with Lilly’s character clearly haha. I will say, when they broke up, they were young and probably needed some time to grow separate, but I still don’t like the way it was handled haha. The book was overall well written and I do recommend this book to others. If you have read it, am I being to hard on Lilly or is my annoyance towards her justified? Let me know in the comments. This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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