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The Fallen (Hades Castle #1) by C.N. Crawford

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Fallen (Hades Castle #1) by C.N. Crawford

In Dovren, even the angels sin.

Most nights, I dance and laugh with friends till the morning birds start to sing. But then disaster strikes.

A sinfully sexy angel strides in to my favorite dance hall and compels me to work for him–in Hades Castle. The fallen angel is a brutal tyrant–and I think he killed my sister.

Now, he wants me to pretend to be his wife. Instead, I plan to assassinate him. Too bad the only way to kill an angel is to seduce him. And the sensual charms of the fallen will make it hard to stay on task.

But this is a battle, and he’s my beautiful enemy. We are fighting with weapons of desire, and we’re both at risk of losing ourselves in this war.

C.N. Crawford is one of my favorite author duos (yes duos, it is two people under one pen name) and I have always enjoyed their fantasy books. I have read all of the books they released and while I do find them all interesting and enjoyable, they are getting a bit repetitive.

This book follows a female lead, Lila, who is working as a double agent while working for the Fallen Angels and a resistance group in the city. She has an unknown past and struggles to reconcile what she thinks to be true vs. what she is seeing. There is a forbidden type romance between Lila and the fallen angel Saurel, and Lila needs to make a decision and ultimately choose a side.

Sound familiar? This is essentially the story line of all of the C.N. Crawford fantasy series. If you are reading one of their books for the first time or don’t read their books often, I think you will enjoy the book. However, if you are an avid Crawford fan like me, I am definitely a bit sick of the same consistent plot points throughout all of the different series. It reminds me of James Patterson, very formulaic.

Because I apparently have no shame, I will continue to read the series because I do want to know what happens next, I just hope the story is more unique and unexpected in the future. This book related to another book, Infernal by Lindsey Hall. The stories coincide and have some overlapping characters. My review for that book will be up shortly.

Both books are available on Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for reading! Am I the only one running into this problem with C.N. Crawford’s writing? Am I being too harsh or is this something more people are noticing too?

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