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If Plots Were Actually Realistic

Okay, not going to lie, I love that books are unrealistic. I know, when I pick up a book, it will 99.99% of the time end in a Happily Ever After, but that is what I like about them. They are my escape from reality. Now, what if certain cliché plots were actually realistic? Here are a ten plot rewrites of common story lines, if they actually occurred somewhat realistically…

  1. Nerdy girl is paired up with jock for a school project. She does all the work and they never speak again.
  2. Main character who likes to sleep around gets a STD.
  3. Character who is the ‘chosen one’ is actually terrible (or just average) at the skill set that is suppose to save the world.
  4. 24 year old college graduate lives in a run down apartment with his/her 4 roommates and has debilitating student loans.
  5. The main character who doesn’t know she’s beautiful actually has no one who falls in love with her.
  6. Sports star peaks in college, realizes he actually has to get a job now that he doesn’t have (insert sport here).
  7. Long lost princess disappeared as a child. Orphan girl who wakes up on the street as a child and remembers nothing from before learns she is in fact, not the long lost princess.
  8. Main character is sent to a magic academy, even though they have no magic. They do indeed have no magic and are expelled.
  9. Main character enters a tournament that could change their life if they win; ends up being the first one eliminated.
  10. Main character meets someone in a bar. They immediately exchange Instagram handles and end up weirdly following each others life from afar.

Okay, these were obviously super negative and satirical, but they made me laugh. Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor? Anyone else have any plot lines they want to share, as if they happened in the real world?

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