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Feels Like Home by Jo Cox

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Feels Like Home by Jo Cox

Jess has loved Melissa for longer than she can remember and it’s bearable when they’re a hundred miles apart, but what will happen when they’re thrown back together and there’s nowhere to hide?

Jess has tried everything to put her feelings aside, but when Melissa comes home from university and becomes a permanent fixture in her office, kitchen, and sometimes even bed, she’s got no chance of making it work.

Throw in a best friend who’s taken over the spare bedroom with her toddler daughter, and an extended family who’ll meddle in anything going, and life is about to get complicated.

This book was really cute. This was my first experience with Jo Cox and I am really pleased with it. Of course, gotta love the LGBTQ+ representation. I am also a massive fan of friends to lovers, I think it’s one of my favorite tropes and this one was done really well.

Jess has loved her best friend Melissa for years. She has tried everything to make it go away, including staying away and not visiting as much when Melissa moved to Wales. Not that Melissa is home and they work together, Jess is even less able to control her feelings. Worried about ruining their friendship if she admits her feelings and combusting is she continues to hide them, where will this friendship lead to?

As I mentioned above I really enjoyed this book. I liked both characters a lot and I thought they were pretty dynamic. My biggest complaint is both of the main characters parents. Like for once, I want to read about some supportive parents who don’t push their views and dictate what their kids should do as if they are all knowing. Like geeze, that was pissing me off and I have read a few books recently where the parents are similar and it annoys me to no end.

Beyond that, it was really good and I think the parents redeemed themselves a little bit, though I would have liked a bit more. If you wish to read this book, it is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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