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The Fallout (Dominion of the Ash #3) by Frost Kay

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Fallout (Dominion of the Ash #3) by Frost Kay

She should’ve died. She didn’t.

Reborn into a damaged, depraved world is nothing short of a nightmare. In an instant, every hope Hazel harbors for the future disappears along with her humanity, leaving her with overprotective guarding and a useless mutation.

With war brewing between Humans, the Tainted, and a new unknown enemy, she’s forced to pick a side before the world implodes once more and she loses everyone she loves.

Sacrifice is never painless.

I really like this series. Frost Kay is definitively an author I read a lot of and her books always keep me very engaged and excited about the next book. I love that the main male protagonist is a person of color and speaks Spanish, which we rarely ever get to see in a Fantasy/ Sci Fi series, so cudos to that.

While I did really enjoy this book and think it was really well written, I felt like the plot was more of just a set up for the next book. Nothing crazy really happened and there wasn’t a lot of forward progress. I do wonder how many books this series will be since Kay’s author series are 6+ books long.

I really like both Hazel and Noah’s characters and their growth and development. Both started with LOTS of prejudice towards one another and their respective species, but we have seen a lot of growth and recognizing that no group of people is all good or all bad. I am excited to see where their romantic relationship goes and I like that it is developing over the course of multiple books over the whole insta-love that is common in many series.

I do recommend this series, but note, if you start reading now you will be in the same predicament I am always in waiting for the next book to come out haha. The Fallout is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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