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Would You Rather…

Hello, I love doing these types of posts because it really gets me thinking about books more and past ones I have read that I sort of forgot about. Everyone loves a good would you rather game, so let’s do one on one of my favorite topics, books! I have seen a few of these in the past and figured I’d do one myself.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Would you rather buy a print book or an e-book?
I really do prefer print over electronic books. There is something so satisfying about holding it and the amazing book smell (you know what I mean?) and adding it to your overflowing bookshelves. I may have books literally stacked on top of random things all over my room. However, due to the amount of books I read (I am a book a day kind of gal right now), Kindle Unlimited e-books are my usual source of reading. I also travel A LOT and carrying about that many books isn’t really realistic, so my Kindle really comes in clutch.

Would you rather read a book in a series as soon as it comes out or wait for the whole series to come out, then read them?
I would 100% rather have the whole series be out before I start a series because then I don’t have to deal with forgetting anything in the plot or waiting very impatiently for the next book. However, I will not purposely hold off on a book because the rest of the series isn’t out yet. My TBR shelf on Goodreads is literally half full of books that haven’t been released yet and I check it very often to make sure I haven’t missed the publishing date yet haha.

Would you rather read the book first or watch the movie?
I would rather read the book first. Typically, movies take a lot less time than books, so if I watch the movie first, I get really impatient reading the book waiting for a certain plot point to happen.

Would you rather read a series or a stand alone book?
For me, this really depends on the genre. If I am reading sci-fi, fantasy, etc. I love a good series. You get to live in the world longer and the conflict often takes a long time to solve so multiple books are the best way to go. However, I HATE series when it comes to romance books. I don’t mind if books are connected and the next book takes over a secondary characters story line, but do not have the original main characters story drag out through multiple books. This is so annoying for me because the fights between characters usually become so petty and it plays into stupid tropes and honestly, everything is usually fine to be wrapped up after the first book, the author just doesn’t want to end it. Can you feel my annoyance through this post? haha

Would you rather read single or multiple perspective books?
Again, I think this depends on the book and the ability of the writer to do it well, however, if I had to pick it would be single perspective. I like not knowing everything and trying to figure out what and why the other characters are doing. Also, with multiple perspectives, there is almost always someone’s POV who you hate reading, but you have to anyways.

Would you rather have someone always spoil the ending or never find out how it ends?
I am actually someone who doesn’t mind spoilers. I may have read the ending of a book when I was only part way through the story if my curiosity got to be too much lol. Never knowing how a book would end would drive me absolutely insane and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Would you rather have a book end on a cliffhanger or not wrap up the way you wanted it to?
In normal situations, I really don’t like cliffhangers. It just frustrates me and I feel like authors do it to entice readers to follow through with the series, when usually I already knew if I was or wasn’t before the last second cliffhanger. However, cliffhangers usually mean more books so at least it isn’t over yet! If a book wraps up on a bad note, I am so annoyed because then that’s it, its all over.

Would you rather be able to transport yourself into books or be able to pull characters out into the real world?
I would rather be able to transport into books! Being able to actually see and experience the world building would be so amazing. My question would be do I become the character the story is being told from or am I a third person observer?? Also, I would like to be selective on books I drop into, I definitely don’t want to drop into any war torn worlds or something.

Alright, thank you for reading! Do you guys agree with my would you rather answers or are you batting for the other side?

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3 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. I always read the book first, unless it’s something I can’t be really bothered to read and watch at all! But I do agree with you on the most of your answers, except for spoilers – I really don’t like spoilers myself and I’m trying to avoid them as much as possible Great answers! 🙂

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