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Travel Guide: Malta

Wow, wow, wow, I had the best time in Malta, a small island country in Europe located between Italy and Africa. Because of it’s location, its history and culture are so unique to experience. I also got to travel this country with a friend from America that I met in Australia who is a UK Citizen (lol) and we stayed at her family friends house so that was great for recommendations, being able to cook, and of course, free accomodation.

Beth and I

What to do:

Being on an island, you have to spend loads of time at the beach! There are so many to chose from, including, but not limited to Paradise Bay, St. Peters Pool, Għadira Bay, Golden Bay, and more. Malta also has a smaller island you can get to by ferry called Gozo. Gozo also has great beaches, including the Blue Lagoon, Marsalforn, and cute little towns to visit.

If you are looking for shopping and good food with amazing architecture, you have to check out Valleta, a water front town you could walk around for the better part of a day. While there, check out the Lower Barraka Gardens and St. Johns Cathedral and Square. Dress appropriately to enter the Cathedral or they will make you cover up (no knees or shoulders).

I mentioned the history of Malta. The island country is incredibly old and because of it’s location, has been home to many power struggles. In fact, the currency has changed 3 times in many of the older citizens lives. That’s absolutely crazy. To see some of this history, you only have to go as far as the City Center, where the original walls from hundreds of years ago still protect it from invasion. It also has ancient structures, such as Ħaġar Qim, Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Catacombs, and more.

Malta is also home to some very fun night life! St. Julian’s area is great for night life (and exploring during the day). If you want to dance your night away, they have a whole bar street you can hop around. They also have a very nice car service to get home safely after, however, this is a popular spot many tourists choose to book accommodation.

You can also take a little boat tour to see Azure Window, a natural arch formed in the side of a cliff and the Blue Grotto, another natural rock formation.

Malta is wonderful for getting around on. Being a small island, you can simply hop on one of their many buses to take you places, but having a car would be convenient as well for going to some of the further places. You can buy bus passes at any of the local shops and it was 20 Euros for a week I believe, so very affordable!

Malta is incredibly beautiful, and while I spent about a week there and did a lot, I don’t think I could even get through everything if I had a month. If you love the beach, while still being able to walk around the city and night life, I can’t recommend this cute little island enough!

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