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Travel Guide: London, England

I travelled to London a few years ago to visit my friends who I met when I was in Australia. I absolutely fell in love with the City and I was thoroughly impressed with both the pub culture/scene and the amount of amazing vegetarian food I had! I did stay with a friend while there, so I have no idea the cost of accommodation, but I will say, I was surprised by how cheap it was. I expected exuberant prices for food and drink, but it was no more than any city I have been to. That being said, I did spend wayyy to much money on beer in pubs haha.

What to do:

I had to go and relook at old conversations with my friend to write this post because she is absolutely amazing and planned everything! I literally was just along for the ride as she played tour guide for me. It was wonderful because it was a great mix of local stuff and tourist stuff.

You can’t visit London without checking out Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. I was very cool to see, but also something I was like okay cool, I saw it, we can move on. It’s not like you are actually seeing any of the royals, but I loved the guards outfits! lol.

We also checked out the Natural History Museum. Museums in London are based on donation for admittance, rather than a fee. It was all very cool and being the history nerd I am, I loved it! We also sat outside after and picnicked which was really fun.

We also hit loads more touristy landmarks that you must visit when you go including Tower Bridge, Westminster, and Trafalga Square. We ended up going to a rooftop bar on top of The Madison that overlooked the Thames, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and surrounding area and it was honestly one of my favorite spots! So cool and the drinks were surprisingly affordable.

We spent the day in Camden, shopping and eating and I bought my favorite souvenir ever. Its a T-shirt that says “God Save the Queen” with an image of Freddie Mercury! I also ate some amazing vegan food! In general, I was really impressed by London’s vegan / vegetarian food!

We also did lots of eating and drinking! Pubs in London were amazing and I love how they all had outdoor areas! I was there in September so the weather was cool, but still very comfortable to sit outside. I think I spent 75% of the money there in food and drinks lol. Some of my favorite that we did was Junkyard Golf! Which is essentially indoor mini golf for adults. They also had really fun, crazy alcoholic drinks! We did a night out in Soho and a night out in Shoreditch and honestly just had a great time with my friend and meeting others.

We had drinks (yes, again) at the Covent Garden and spent some time wandering there. We also ate and drink at Hackney Wick, which has some of the most amazing street art I have ever seen! Okay, I am done talking about all the food and drinks I had, you guys get the picture. Just know, you will spend a lot of time and a lot of money eating and drinking, and it is so worth it! lol.

Lastly, being the reader and massive Harry Potter fan that I am, I obviously stood in line for a couple hours to take a picture at King’s Cross Station Platform 9 3/4.

I can’t recommend visiting London enough! I had an amazing time, and I do recognize that my company had a lot to do with it, I think London is one of those cities where you could spend a year there and not run out of new things to do!

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6 thoughts on “Travel Guide: London, England

  1. I also love London! 😍 My sister and I spent a whole day in the Natural History Museum the last time we were there, and also took the obligatory Platform 9 3/4 pictures (though yours turned out way better 😁), so this brought back so many memories! And I just love how much culture there is to discover! Hopefully, once the pandemic ends, I’ll be able to return 😊 Even though I’m already dreading post-Brexit travel and all the boarder controls I will probably have to face now 😅

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    1. yes! I loved London, and I’ve heard from a lot of other travelers that they weren’t fans of the food, but I loved it! Maybe because I was only there for a short time so I made sure I was eating really good food haha. and yes! Post covid travel can’t come soon enough!

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