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Werewolf Den Series #1-3 by Kelly St. Clare

Shifter Wars (Werewolf Den #1) by Kelly St. Clare

When Mum died, I inherited a lot more than a pack of lies.

I landed a $410,000 debt.
Discovered her previous surname.
And her real place of birth.

Desperate to uncover the truth, I drive to a tiny dot on the map called Deception Valley.

Coincidental name? Nope.

There, I find her secret family—because she had one of those too.

How many lies are we at? Honestly, I’ve lost count, but local gossip captures my attention. Apparently, Mum’s other family play laser tag every Wednesday. Not even joking. Laser tag.

What the hell is this place?

In hindsight, the massive guy with honey irises was my first major clue. Unusual eyes for a human, right?
Perfect eyes for a werewolf.

But sexy supernaturals, thongs, and mounting financial strain aside, Mum’s past is buried somewhere in this valley, and I need to dig up the truth or find a way to live with her lies.

What do you do when neither option will leave you unscathed?

Moon Claimed (Werewolf Den #2) by Kelly St. Clare

Werewolf Roulette (Werewolf Den #3) by Kelly St. Clare

Okay, I’m going to preface, I started this post before I finished the series. I read number 1-2 fairly quickly and I liked the books, although I did have some issues with them, overall I would have recommended them. The 3rd book just recently came out and I did not like the plot at all! The character development was good (though I didn’t agree with it necessarily), it was well written, but overall, I just did not like what was actually happening. I debated about just scraping this post altogether because while I would have recommended it at first, I am not so sure anymore.

That being said, I seem to be in the minority. I checked other reviews on Goodreads and it seems I am in the minority, which I am not surprised, when it comes to books I dislike I usually am lol. This being said, I decided to still write my review for the series because while I didn’t necessarily enjoy the finale, I am sure others will.

The story follows Andie, a young girl who is grieving the loss of her mother and finds herself buried in her mothers gambling debts. While looking for clues in Deception Valley, she uncovers her mom left and entire family behind, and there is more than just humans in these parts. I liked the mystery aspect of the story.

I found the dynamics between Andie and male lead Sasha a little odd. That was one factor of the first book I didn’t really like, but I do recognize in contributed and pushed the story along, so I still enjoyed it.

Now, I don’t want to say anything really about my dislike for the 3rd book because it would essentially be spoiling the entire series. So here is my Goodreads review ranting (just a little lol) about my dislike for the 3rd books plot. Read at your own risk lol.

As I mentioned, I was absolutley in the minority who did not like the 3rd book. And I would have recommended it before then. I also recognize I am a bit petty and I am trying not to be a negative Nancy. That being said, I am curious if anyone else has read this series and what their thoughts are. Let me know! This series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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