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February Wrap Up

So I wrote this like a half of month late lol. But anyways, here is my February Wrap up.

Books I read in February:

  • Lost Girl (Wolf Girl #2) by Leia Stone
  • Just a Girl (Just a Series #2) by Becky Monson
  • Call Me Crazy (Bellamy Creek #3) by Melanie Harlow
  • A Pack of Blood and Lies (The Boulder Wolves #1) by Olivia Wildenstein
  • Feather (Angels of Elysium #1) by Olivia Wildenstein
  • Celestial (Angels of Elysium #2) by Olivia Wildenstein
  • Ransomed to the World (A Phantom Touched #3) by Stacey Brutger
  • Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers
  • Intercepted Hearts (Playing for Keeps #1) by Mika Jolie
  • Bet the Farm by Staci Hart
  • Daughter of No Worlds (The War of Lost Hearts #1) by Carissa Broadbent
  • The Boy Friend (Platonically Complicated #1) by Mika Jolie
  • Explicitly Yours (Platonically Complicated #2) by Mika Jolie
  • Rules of Engagement (Platonically Complicated #3) by Mika Jolie
  • Crown of Power (Hidden Mage #4) by Melanie Cellier
  • The Accidental Text by Becky Morrison
  • Running with the Pack (Wolfsbane #3) by Lola Glass
  • Crown of Shadows (Court of Midnight and Deception #1) by K.M. Shea
  • Crown of Moonlight (Court of Midnight and Deception #2) by K.M. Shea
  • The Queen’s Crown (Court of Midnight and Deception #3) by K.M. Shea
  • Need You Now (Martha’s Way #2) by Mika Jolie
  • Tattooed Hearts (Martha’s Way #3) by Mika Jolie
  • Wrapped in Read (Martha’s Way #3.5) by Mika Jolie

Posts this Month:

Book Reviews
Werewolf Den Series #1-3 by Kelly St. Clare
Bet the Farm by Staci Hart
The Song of the Marked (Shadow and Crowns #1) by S.M. Gaither
Wildcat by Max Monroe
White Mask (The Sworn Saga #4) by Kate Avery Ellison
#UofJ Series by Alley Ciz
Midnight Lies (Shifter Island #2) by Leia Stone and Raye Wagner
Date Me Like You Mean It by R.S. Grey

Travel Guides
Townsville & Magnetic Island, Australia
London, England
Orange County, California, United States

Books to Read if you like Sports Romance
Books to Read if you like Fairy Tale Retellings
Books to Read if you like a Good Cry

Sorry this is so late!

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