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Books to Read if you like Magic and Fantasy

My “Books to Read if you like” series continues! This series of book recommendations goes beyond recommending a genre, but a theme, feeling, mood, trope, etc. If you are interested in some of my past recommendations, you can check out this page on my blog.

But, If you are ever in the mood for magic and fantasy, check out…

Bright Wicked series by Everly Frost

Aura Lucidia is the Fae Queen’s Champion. When there’s an accidental touch and some poor choice of words between her and the Fell’s Champion, they know have only 3 days left till a fight to the death. The clock is ticking, can they save both their people and their hearts without bloodshed?

My Review Book #2; Book #3

Storm Princess Saga by Everly Frost and Jaymin Eve

Marbella Mercy has a job that she can never take a break form, every day she fights the storm the threatens to hurt the people. There is a championship going on for her hand in marriage, but when Marbella learns the winner is cursed to kill her, not marry her, she takes matters into her own hand.

The Coven: Elemental Magic series by Chandelle LaVaun

Teegan, already struggling to fit in learns she was never meant to. Her dad and little brother move to Florida to live with the family she didn’t know she had, but that’s not even the biggest part of it, she’s a witch and has a huge part to play in the upcoming war.

This series is the first of another 3 series.

Rebel of the Sands series by Alwyn Hamilton

Amani Al’Hiza is a poor orphan, but fortunately her skills as a gifted gun slinger has kept her safe for the time being. She finally find her opportunity to leave this desert land, but finds herself caught in a rebellion, romance, and powers she didn’t know she had.

The Mask of Mirrors (Rook and Rose #1) by M.A. Carrick

Ren is in for her most complicated con yet, but if she and her sister can pull it off, it will be the last one they ever have to do. Drawn into the elite world of House Traementis, she finds there’s more to the magic, the story, the rook, and this nightmare magic that is taking over the city.

My Review.

A Song of the Marked (Shadows and Crowns #1) by S.M. Gaither

Casia is one of the Fade-Marked, one of the few people who have ever survived the sickness that has a near 100% mortality rate. Her crew of mercenaries finds themselves working for the king, and alongside Captain Elander, who has way to many secrets for their liking. Can they unravel them all and save the people from the sickness.

My Review.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more recommendations in my series!

Also P.S. sorry for any typos in this post. I literally wrote it while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack so as you can imagine, I was a little distracted lmao.

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5 thoughts on “Books to Read if you like Magic and Fantasy

  1. Thanks for the recommendations! The only one of these I’ve even heard of is Rebel of the Sands, so this was definitely helpful! And gosh, I am in awe that you managed to write such a coherent post while listening to Hamilton 🤣 I would just give up and start singing instead 😁

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