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The Unadjusteds (The Unadjusteds #1) by Marisa Noelle

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Unadjusteds (The Unadjusteds #1) by Marisa Noelle

Sixteen-year-old Silver Melody lives in a world where 80% of the population has modified their DNA. Known as the altereds, those people now possess enhancements like wings, tails, and increased strength or intelligence. Although Silver’s parents created the nanite pill used to deliver these genetic modifications, Silver is proud of her unadjusted state.

However, when the president declares all unadjusteds must take a nanite, Silver has no choice but to flee the city with her father and some friends to prevent the extinction of the unadjusteds.

With Silver’s mother in prison for treason, Silver’s father is the unadjusteds’ only hope at finding a cure. But time is running out as Silver’s father is captured by the president’s almost immortal army. Vicious hellhounds are on Silver’s trail, and her only chance to recover her father involves teaming up with a new group of unlikely friends before all humanity is lost.

I actually found this book from a book review that A Book A Thought and I knew I wanted to read it. It falls into the classic dystopian, rise against the oppressiveness government science fiction book, but I love this genre so sign me up lol.

I did really enjoy this book and it is a fairly quick, easy read. My one complaint, though to be expected with a main character who is 16, is the book is very YA and has some very YA problems. I did think for a second that there was going to be a love triangle and I almost aborted, but there wasn’t so that was great for me. That being said, the main heroine, Melody did have a bit of a second ‘love interest’ and I felt like that whole thing was forced and just put in there to add to the plot. I would have rathered that be avoided entirely.

Beyond that bit above, I really liked the story! I thought it moved well and while some of the characters seemed a bit juvenile, I expected it considering they are all kids. I like the idea of how people became adjusted and how greed and power corrupted what was originally an altruistic pursuit (very realistic).

I am excited to continue with the series. If you love a good science fiction book, I recommend this! This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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