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How I am able to travel all the time!

As you guys know, I use to travel all of the time, pre-covid of course. I know some of you guys have wondered how I was able to afford to travel and be abroad for months at a time, so I wanted to give you guys some information.

First, my advice is the longer you are somewhere the cheaper it is per day. Say what?? No, for reals. What is one thing you have to buy for any trip, no matter the length? A plane ticket! If you pay $500 for a flight ticket for 5 days, that averages $100 a day, but if you pay $500 for a trip for a year, you are paying just over $1 a day.

Next, when you go on quick vacation trips, you still have bills at home to pay for while you are paying for your vacation. Typically when I travel, I pack up and move so I no longer have bills at home. I also often travel to cheaper places than California so it is cheaper for me to actually be travelling than living at home.

My biggest piece of advice, you don’t need to be rich to travel if you work while you travel! I moved to China to teach English and as a teacher, I lived fairly comfortably compared to the cost of living in China. Teachers also have incredible vacation time so while I was working abroad, I got to live my dream and travel a lot too. If you want to spend time in a country or even a region, look into jobs and work visas so you get to experience a culture for an extended period of time. That is the best way to really see a country. Also, hostels are almost always hiring and they love hiring people from all countries, so that is always a solid option.

I also live very conservatively in terms of money when I am at home. That is not to mean I live off of top ramen and never go out, but I don’t spend excessively. I pack my own lunches for work (!), I cook the vast majority of my meals at home (and I’m vegetarian so its cheaper), and I try to find free things to do in the city (hiking, beaches, etc.)

A couple tips for saving money once you are in the country. Obviously, hostels are the affordable way to go and they often have kitchens so you can prepare meals to save money. Also, travel lightly! I typically only bring a large carry on backpack. I have a Redwing 50L which holds a surprising amount of stuff! This way I don’t have to pay for checked luggage and it is fairly easy to cart my stuff from location to location.

My Redwing 50L backpack, featuring the peeling wallpaper in my apartment in China lol

When buying plane tickets, it is best to be flexible on dates. If you can only leave Sunday afternoon, you will probably pay more than leaving on a redeye on a Tuesday evening. Also, make sure your browser is in incognito mode when you buy so you don’t have to deal with prices being raised as you are looking. I admit, I am a budget airline hopper, I have no loyalty, I just buy which ever is cheapest.

My last big tip, and I can’t stress this enough, get a Bank of America Travel Rewards Card! The card doesn’t cost anything to have and you can use it anywhere in the world VISA cards are accepted without a fee! You also get the exact exchange rate at the time of purchase. I saved so much money not having to transfer money and lose lots of it on fees and the exchange rate. The card also earns travel reward points which you can use to pay off your card. I’ve earned well over a thousand dollars in reward points since I started using it.

I’m sure I have loads more travel tips, but I can’t think of them at the moment. If you ever want to take a trip or move abroad, I am always available to offer advice or recommendations!

Published by the_travelling_reader

Book and Travel blog. I am an avid reader who enjoys many different genres including fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, science fiction, nonfiction, and more. I have spent the past few years living and travelling around the world and I want to share my experience with you! This blog combines the best of both worlds.

9 thoughts on “How I am able to travel all the time!

  1. These are such great tips! I never even thought of putting my browser on incognito mode while trying to buy plane tickets, so that one will probably save me quite a bit of money in the future!
    Also, it’s so cool that you used to live in China! Do you speak a bit of Chinese then? Or did you get by with just English?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I was in China, I learned the basics of Mandarin, so I could get by and carry a casual conversation fairly comfortably. However, since I have left, I have literally forgotten everything so I’m mad at myself for not keeping up with it. The city I lived in wasn’t super English friendly how Beijing or Shanghai is, so if foreigners wanted to live more comfortably, they had to learn.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so cool! Though I get your disappointment about not keeping it up – the amount of French I’ve forgotten since leaving school is truly horrifying šŸ˜… But it’s great that you can still get through a basic conversation in Mandarin!

        Liked by 1 person

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