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Travel Guide: Sanya, Hainan, China

Sanya is known as the Hawaii of China! While I have never been to Hawaii, I can guarantee Sanya is no Hawaii, but it is a very beautiful, tropical vacation! This city was so wild because the signs were in Mandarin, then in Russian because so many people from Russia vacation there!

Where to Stay:

I am usually pro-hostel, but China is so cheap and the hotels are nice and affordable so look for a hotel! We actually stayed in a beautiful resort that had an amazing pool and a private beach! Oh, and breakfast! I don’t remember the name unfortunately, but we were in Dadonghai area, which is like a beach/ downtown area!

What to do:

I really don’t have much to write here because I spent the vast majority of my time here just hanging out on the beach! It was absolutely incredible and the sand was beautiful and white. The water wasn’t exactly the clearest, but I had no problems swimming in it. We beach hopped quite a bit, from Dadonghai (where we stayed) to Sanya Bay, to Yalong Bay (beautiful and not crowded at all).

I will say, don’t do any scuba diving! My friend and I paid for a scuba trip and good thing we had both scuba dived before because they literally gave us no instructions and just dropped us into the deep end, literally! Also, the water was so murky where we were you couldn’t see anything!

The nightlife was very popular in Dadonghai. We didn’t go out to much for more than a beer or two because laying out in the sun all day really knocks you out so we were exhausted by the end of the day. But the bars and nightlife are very foreigner friendly!

The food was amazing! We found this cute little whole in the wall Chinese food place and ate there three nights in a row! Ugh, I wish I could remember the name to tell you, but we got fried eggplant and fried sweet and sour pork (before I was vegetarian) and OMG, we literally ate the same thing every night we went. We even tried to talk ourselves into going to a different restaurant, but decided against it because we loved it so much! haha We also ate loads of amazing desserts and yummy tropical drinks!

There is a lot more to do such as checking out the Rainforest, the Ethnic Village, and shopping! However, my friend and I didn’t really do any of this, we were mainly focused on a relaxing beach holiday!

Pro tip, use Didi (like uber for China) or tell your taxi driver you will only use the meter because they will absolutely rip you off! We didn’t have to use taxis too much because we stayed where we spent most of our time, but we did use it to get to some of the further away beaches.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if any of you have ever been! Also, fun fact, if you’ve ever seen Megalodon, the beach the shark attacks is Sanya!

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