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March Wrap Up

Okay, remember in my life update post I said that things were going to slow down and I could be more active? Well, I lied. Our team is being sent to NY (whoop!) to do a vaccination project (OMG, I’m getting the Covid vaccine!). Now, as you can tell I am excited… BUT we will be working 6 days a week doing 10+ hour shifts so it may take some time before I can be super active again so hopefully I can get into a routine quickly.

Anyways, here is my March Wrap Up.

  • The Blood Witch (The Osseous Chronicles #2) by Ivy Asher
  • Musical Mayhem (BTU Alumni #1.5) by Alley Ciz
  • Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #1) by Lucia Ashta
  • Beta Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #2) by Lucia Ashta
  • To Have and to Hate by R.S. Grey
  • Year of the Chameleon (Shadowspell Academy #4) by Shannon Mayer
  • Kiss Me First (Blairwood University #0) by Anna B. Doe
  • The Heir (Twisted Kingdoms #3) by Frost Kay
  • Midnight King (Shifter Island #3) by Leia Stone
  • Shadow Empress (Night Elves #3) by C.N. Crawford
  • Together by Jennifer Van Wyk
  • This Broken Wolf (Soul Bitten Shifter #2) by Everly Frost
  • Playing for Keeps (Hope Valley #10) by Jessica Prince
  • Enthroned (King Author and Her Knights #1) by K.M. Shea

Book Reviews
Feather (Angels of Elysium #1) by Olivia Wildenstein
Celestial (Angels of Elysium #2) by Olivia Wildenstein
The Hidden Mage series by Melanie Cellier
Bloodshed Academy Series (Year 1-3) by Jen L. Grey
The Off Limits Rule (It Happens in Nashville #1) by Sarah Adams
The Unadjusteds (The Unadjusteds #1) by Marisa Noelle
Renegades (Renegades #1) by Marissa Meyer
Ever After Always (Bergman Brothers #3) by Chloe Liese

Travel Guides
Seville, Spain
Sanya, Hainan, China
How I am able to travel all the time!

Book Recommendations
Books to Read if you like Single Parent Romance
Books to Read if you like Dystopian
Books to Read if you like Friends to Lovers
Books to Read if you like Magic and Fantasy

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Book and Travel blog. I am an avid reader who enjoys many different genres including fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, science fiction, nonfiction, and more. I have spent the past few years living and travelling around the world and I want to share my experience with you! This blog combines the best of both worlds.

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