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Travel Guide: Los Angeles, California

I grew up a little over an hour south of the famous City of Angels so I probably don’t find it as exciting as most, however, I recognize that if you are ever in California it is a must see spot!

Because I have always lived so close, I have never really stayed in Los Angeles, but here are some tips. LA is massive and due to it’s crazy amount of traffic (its actually absurd), I recommend staying in the area you plan on spending the most time or even a few days on one side of LA, then a few days on the other.

What to do:

You must go to Venice and Santa Monica Beach. These beaches are right next to each other and you can walk between them. While they attract very different people, it is always a good time. Venice is full of street shopping, and art, and food, and street performers, and weed! Literally there’s a ‘green doctor’ about every block Venice. You can also get some amazing souvenirs here! Santa Monica has an amusement park on the pier and is great to walk around and ride some rides. I don’t think the beaches are anything spectacular really, but the ambiance and environment is such a fun time!

Los Angeles also has lots of professional sports teams! There is the LA Dodgers (baseball), LA Rams and LA Chargers (football), LA Kings (hockey), and LA Galaxy (soccer) so depending on the time of the year you are there, try to check out a game! Also, my family is Raider fans (football), so we like to got to the LA vs Raider games to represent!

If you love art and museums, you can check out the Griffith Observatory, which is a planetarium, the Getty Museum, a FREE Greek and Roman art museum, and the Broad, more art!

If you love movies and amusement parks, check out Universal Studios! As far as amusement parks go, it is much more affordable than Disneyland and usually less crowded. Universal Studios also recently added a Harry Potter world! Get your butterbeer and help Harry defeat He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Of course, you have to check out Hollywood and walk down the famous Hollywood Blvd. It is definitely a little more grungy than you would expect, but still a surreal experience. You can take pictures with your favorite celebrities’ stars and catch a movie at the famous El Capitan. Just walking down the street is an adventure. I also recommend getting some drinks at the rooftop bar, The Highlight Room, which overlooks the strip and is pretty affordable despite the amazing location.

LA also has lots of hikes, the most famous being the hike up to the Hollywood Sign. It is pretty much uphill the whole way so bring lots of water and don’t hike during the hottest part of the day.

Are you into shopping? Or more likely window shopping based on the prices of shops on this street haha. If you are, you can walk down Rodeo Drive. Have you ever seen Pretty Woman? Well this is the street she goes shopping on.

Los Angeles is also famous for its food! You can find the best of everything here honestly! Literally, just start walking down the street and you won’t be disappointed. I recommend getting a California Burrito (or any Mexican food), getting brunch, eating loads of street food, and honestly, as much as your stomach can hold haha.

Nightlife is also out of this world! Entry fees can be a bit expensive if you are balling on a budget (like me) so I did a club crawl I found on GroupOn. We got a free drink at every club and overall had a great time. I recommend finding one down Sunset Drive! It is also a cool place to check out during the day.

My final recommendation is to find a show, concert, play, or anything to check out while here! LA is a hub for performance and the arts and has many different concert halls, outdoor theaters, and more. I actually was suppose to see Hamilton here in March 2020, but then the pandemic happened, so the show was cancelled.

Honestly, there is so much more to do in LA and you probably need at least a week to do it any kind of justice. What are your favorite things to do in LA?

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