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Books to Read if you Like Angels, Fallen or Not

My “Books to Read if you like” series continues! This series of book recommendations goes beyond recommending a genre, but a theme, feeling, mood, trope, etc. If you are interested in some of my past recommendations, you can check out this page on my blog.

But, If you are ever in the mood for Angels, Fallen or not, check out…

Penryn & the End of Days series by Susan Ee

If you can’t tell by the title, it’s essentially the end of the world due to the Angels of the Apocalypse. Gangs are now in charge and when Penryn’s sister is taken, she makes a deal with an enemy angel, Raffe to get her back.

This book series is very YA, but I still enjoyed it!

Fallen Academy Series by Leia Stone

Do you like a badass heroine? Then this book series is for you. Brielle, being contracted to the demons after she sold her soul to save her dad is bound to the Demon Tainted Academy. During her reveal ceremony, she learns she is not like most young adults who develop minor powers when black angel wings sprout from her back. A Fallen Angel from the Fallen Academy fights for her contract, but there is more to her than anyone would have thought.

Wowza, I loved this series! 10/10 recommend.

Angels of Elysium Series by Olivia Wildenstein

Oh my goodness, I loved this series! I binge read it then got really depressed because the third book doesn’t come out till later this year. Each book follows a different character, but the premise is that there are angels in training and they have to do good deeds and save people to earn their wings. If they can’t earn enough feathers, they will become mortal.

My Review: Book 1, Book 2

Stay tuned for more recommendations!

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