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Beta Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #2) by Lucia Ashta

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Beta Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #2) by Lucia Ashta

A wolf that can’t be caged.

Zasha is all in with her new family … her pack.

The Smoky Mountain Pack’s alpha is missing and feared dead.
There is no time to mourn. Only for vengeance.

Zasha and Quannah have become close, maybe too close.
The sensations running through her body are heightened in a new way.
He is feeling it as well.

Could they be mates?

Free from death matches in the Pound, Zasha has a new fight.

And she won’t be a lone wolf this time.

I binge read the first two books in this series so fast! I am having trouble finding the patience to wait for the third book to come out later this year (so hurry up please Lucia Ashta.) You can read my first review here.

In this book, Zasha is now a part of the pack, if not rather reluctantly. We get to see her grow as a person, away from her lone wolf personality, and into embracing the Smoky Mountain Pack as a family. We see Quannah still continue to struggle balancing his duties to his pack and curbing his instincts to protect Zasha. I do like his character as well. Beyond being Native American and still practicing his heritage (whoop!), I like that he is written realistically, in terms that he is not a perfect person like some characters are written, but has flaws and growth.

I do wish we had more information and background regarding some of the side characters. They are mentioned and thrown in here, and often essential to the moving of the story, but we don’t get to know a whole lot about them. That is probably my only complaint, besides the third book not being out yet haha.

Anyone read this series? It is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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