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Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #1) by Lucia Ashta

Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #1) by Lucia Ashta Fighting is my life. I fight on the streets, I fight in my family’s gym, I fight to survive each day in this depraved city. But when my dad dies, I can’t fight anymore. I’m broken. And that’s when they come for me. The dark magesContinue reading “Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #1) by Lucia Ashta”

Books to Read if you Like Angels, Fallen or Not

My “Books to Read if you like” series continues! This series of book recommendations goes beyond recommending a genre, but a theme, feeling, mood, trope, etc. If you are interested in some of my past recommendations, you can check out this page on my blog. But, If you are ever in the mood for Angels, Fallen orContinue reading “Books to Read if you Like Angels, Fallen or Not”

Celestial (Angels of Elysium #2) by Olivia Wildenstein

Celestial (Angels of Elysium #2) by Olivia Wildenstein In ninety-two days, the feathered appendages that link me to the people I loathe finally come off. Dear, winglets, you will not be missed. Celeste has spent the last four years building a life outside of angelic guilds—parties, check—pursuing human ambitions instead of celestial ones—college, check—and sheddingContinue reading “Celestial (Angels of Elysium #2) by Olivia Wildenstein”

The Hidden Mage series by Melanie Cellier

Crown of Secrets (Hidden Mage #1) by Melanie Cellier Verene is a disappointment to her entire kingdom–the first royal ever born without power, despite her mother being the most powerful mage in history. So when she’s sent to the Academy in neighboring Kallorway to forge ties with her people’s traditional enemies, she’s determined to succeedContinue reading “The Hidden Mage series by Melanie Cellier”

Bloodshed Academy Series (Year 1-3) by Jen L. Grey

Bloodshed Academy Year 1 by Jen L. Grey Only the strongest survive … most of the time Raven may be a shifter, but she’s always felt separate from her wolf. She never knew it should be different. Then, a stranger showed up in her hometown, turning her world upside down and recruiting her for theContinue reading “Bloodshed Academy Series (Year 1-3) by Jen L. Grey”

Would You Rather…

Hello, I love doing these types of posts because it really gets me thinking about books more and past ones I have read that I sort of forgot about. Everyone loves a good would you rather game, so let’s do one on one of my favorite topics, books! I have seen a few of theseContinue reading “Would You Rather…”

Book Tag | Bibliophilic Things

Thank you Riddhi for not only tagging me, but creating this tag off of her Bibliophilic things series! Congrats on how big that series has become and all the participation! Now let’s get into the details of the tag: Rules: Link to original creator of the tag here: Riddhi @Whispering Stories ,so that I get aContinue reading “Book Tag | Bibliophilic Things”