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Books to Read if you like Dystopian

My “Books to Read if you like” series continues! This series of book recommendations goes beyond recommending a genre, but a theme, feeling, mood, trope, etc. If you are interested in some of my past recommendations, you can check out this page on my blog. But, If you are ever in the mood for dystopian, check out…Continue reading “Books to Read if you like Dystopian”

Book Tag | My Life in Books

I often see book tags when I am scrolling through my feed and I am always so interested in them, so I decided it’s about time I did one myself. I have seen quite a few blogs do these book tags, including Riddhi B, where I saw this ‘My Life in Books’ from (so thankContinue reading “Book Tag | My Life in Books”

Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies (part 2)

Alright, I am excited to finally be posting the part 2 of Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies. As I mentioned, in part 1, this wasn’t suppose to be a two part post, but I couldn’t narrow down my options well and it was getting long. This post covers more contemporary style books IContinue reading “Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies (part 2)”